It’s time to build something new!

I hope you’re thriving despite the
crazy times of the COVID-Quarantine.
This is week 6 for us.

Many of you know my wife Q just quit
her job and, after 25 years of working,
I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to survive
at home. Watch the video to find out.

The bottom line: our marriage seems
secure, for now 😉. What I admire
about my wife is that after a week of
taking a break and letting the corporate
work toxins drain from her soul, Q
jumped out of bed and started doing
new things:

• Building flower boxes
• Planting flowers
• Taking walks
• Cooking new recipes

The important thing is: this shift in our
lives gives us an opportunity to try
new things, to experiment, to shake
things up.

I’m hearing from so many of you with
challenges and victories that this
is no time to stop living. I’m rooting
for those of you succeeding and praying
for those of you with challenges.

Remember, I’m always here to answer
your Medicare questions, but equally
important, I’m here to encourage you
to live the best version of your life,
no matter the circumstances.

So be well and call me if you need me.

Sometimes you just have to howl at the world!

Check out this video to see how
my neighborhood in Highlands Ranch
is responding to the Corona quarantine.

That’s right sometimes all you
can do is howl and keep going.

In our neighborhood, every
night at 8:00 people step out
side and howl. It’s really been

Regarding changes in Medicare,
we are seeing some new genetic
testing coming out for people
with cancer, diabetes, heart/
stroke issues or with Alzheimer’s.

The testing, depending on your
coverage, may have zero dollar

Of course this testing should improve
treatment protocols for those with
these health concerns, but equally
important, this new genetic data may
provide a road map for children and
grandchildren with these genetic

Ping me if you have questions.

Remember to review your life and dental insurance

Four weeks into the quarantine and many of us are starting to get
tired of being at home.

Here’s something to pay attention to while you have the time.

That’s right life and dental insurance.

If you have a life insurance policy and you haven’t reviewed
it in a while, it might make sense to look at it and ask
some questions.

Do I still need life insurance?
Is it too much coverage?
Is it too little?

Remember, having a trusted advisor review
your coverage sometimes means you figure
out if you can get more coverage for reduced
premiums or perhaps just cash out the policy.

Regarding dental, be sure to submit your
bills in a timely manner so the carriers
don’t decline payment.

In addition to helping you with your
Medicare coverage, we are happy to review
your other plans and make sure they are
still meeting your needs.

Take advantage of this time at home
to review things, the world will be back
to normal soon enough.

Stay strong!

Stay Strong in the Time of Quarantine

No doubt, COVID-19 has shifted our lives but there
is still much to give thanks for!

I have seen more children outside, unstructured fun,
laughing and playing, than I can remember and it does
my heart good!

I also now have many Medicare clients who have been
infected by the Corona Viruses and some of them are
now hospitalized.

We will get through this if we keep fighting the
good fight!

Be Vigilant and maintain physical distance.

Practice Safe Shopping or get someone else
to shop on your behalf.

Stay connected on line and laugh as much as possible.

It’s time to shop smart!

This week’s video might seem mundane,
but PLEASE WATCH, it could save your life!

People over 60 and people on Medicare
face the greatest risk from COVID-19.
Why take any chance of exposure to the

Use a shopping service (Safeway, Kroger,
Walmart) so they deliver the groceries
to your car.

Watch Dr. Wingen’s video on how to safely
transfer the groceries into your home.

Did you know the virus can live on paper
and plastic? (I didn’t.) I am following
his directions now, believe me.

If you and your spouse are home now
shut in together for the first time and
things are getting tough, remember to
set up your prepaid legal now… just

Laugh, run around the house and
remember all the reasons you got
together to begin with.

Life is all about perspective.

Hang in there friends, we’ll get through
it and be stronger for the ride.

I’m here if you need me!