How to prevent cognitive decline and dementia in Medicare age individuals

Would you like to know how to slow down cognitive decline, isolation and depression in Medicare age individuals?

Watch this and find out.

That’s right, get a hearing aid! Now before you start whinging about cost and the nuisance factor and the annoyance, hear me out 😊.

After too many concerts as a young man, I finally got a pair of inner ear hearing aids they truly changed my life and the lives of those I love.

I can hear the birds sing when we drink our morning coffee. I don’t yell at the kids (as much). I don’t have to pretend I understand. That’s a big deal.

Studies have shown hearing loss leads to isolation, falls, reduced heart health, depression and dementia. Being able to hear well is life changing.

My audiologist tells me most people wait SEVEN YEARS past the time they need them. Most importantly, restored hearing can save a marriage and improve the quality of your life.

Some Medicare plans do cover the cost or partial cost of hearing aids. If your plan doesn’t, consider a trip to Costco. They have in store testing and reasonably priced equipment.

If that’s still out of your price range, visit a Bose audio store and try out their Bose Hearphones ( I have a pair I use for phone work). You can actually adjust the acoustics using your smart phone and they are amazing (and priced at just $500).

I can actually hear and communicate in a noisy restaurant (assuming we ever eat out again). Plus they are the only self regulating hearing aids approved by the FDA.

So don’t let your damn pride get in the way of living well. Get your hearing tested. You’ll be glad you did.

The Secret to Happiness!

I hope you are having great a week despite these crazy times.

I’m not much of a believer in gurus but today, I am going to give you the secret to happiness 😊,

Check out the video!

Yes, the answer is animals! Studies have shown that furry household companions lower blood pressure and increases oxytocin.

Look you don’t have get a pet if you are truly not a fan of animals (the hair, the noise, the expense), but understand the underlying value:

Having an animal provides companionship and takes the focus off of self. By the time we are of Medicare age, many of the activities and routines that provided meaning and companionship may have gone away. A life of service gives joy, makes us happy and provides meaning.

So you don’t have to get a pet but having sure gives you a reason to get up and to thrive. Plan B is service to family, friends, community and the world. Feel free to pick, but do engage in one or all and you will be happier.

That’s a promise.

Be sure to check in with your questions about Medicare.

This too shall pass!

May is National Mental Health Month and worldwide, depression is one of the leading causes of health issues.

As the COVID Quarantine continues to reshape my Medicare clients’ lives and lives all and around the world, it’s important to remember the importance of self care, both mental and physical, during these challenges times.

Equally, important, to keep our emotions in perspective, to recognize no matter how great things are going or no matter how many challenges there are in our lives, things will change.

In times of struggle, it is so easy to lose perspective and compare our lives with those who appear to be doing so much better than us, financially, emotionally, physically.

Remember to keep life in perspective. Give thanks for what you do have and find ways to help others. Re-frame, serve others, give thanks and repeat. That’s all we can do.

Here is an article that can help: How to Stay Optimistic When Everything Seems Wrong