Life is short, you better live now!

I hope all is when in your world, despite these strange times. Can you even remember a time when things were crazier?

When we lived in Atlanta, we had a neighbor who was a former Army Ranger and a CPA. I’d see him every morning early. As I’d be going out for the paper, he’d be pulling out in his car, and he would roll down the window and say, “we’re all gonna die!” Then he’d peel out in his car and go to work.

He did that every day that I saw him for six years and I learned something important. Check out this video and find out what I learned!

That’s right, life really is short, even if we live to be a hundred, it’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.

If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do, something deep inside that you can’t let go of, you better do it now!

So whether that thing is starting to paint, planning a trip around the world (because the world will open again) or just picking up the phone and calling that person you haven’t spoken to in thirty years and apologizing, now is the time.

Clients often ask, “Why did you choose to be a Medicare broker?”

My joy in life has nothing to do with the insanity that is Medicare, but it has EVERYTHING to do with helping people navigate Medicare and in living a life of service and providing for my family.

So find a big reason to get up and don’t put it off any longer.

How will you respond on the worst day of your life?

A wise person once said, “it’s not what happens but how we respond that determines our lives.”

True words.

Check out this video and you’ll see how my brother responded to the worst day in his life, when he became a paraplegic.

Despite the trauma, Robert has a new lease on life and has chosen not to let this event define him. Listen to his story here.

Learning to respond instead of reacting, that’s the key. Somedays are easier than others. The important thing to remember, you don’t have to be perfect, you can’t be perfect, you just have to keep trying. Here’s an article that may help.

In the Medicare world, I’m seeing some of the ugliest, most aggressive marketing on the web that I have ever seen and I am shocked at how consumers are being maligned!

I spoke with a woman this week, seven months out from Medicare who had booked a time on my calendar. An unscrupulous call center agent had already enrolled her in a plan AND THE AGENT DIDN’T EVEN REVIEW HER WORK COVERAGE (or her drugs)!

That’s criminal (in my opinion). He just wanted to sign her up and move on to the next dollar. Every week, I run across people in this situation.

The good news, we can probably get this reversed and get her back in her work coverage (if it turns about to be better). Tell your friends and family NEVER to sign up with a call center broker. They will sign you up as quickly as possible (and often don’t review your drugs, the most important part). Most of the time you’ll never talk with them again.

Look, if I’m not your cup of tea, no worries! But do find somebody local who’s going be with you for the duration. Just like they said on Hawaii 5-0 back in the day, “Book him Danno, Medicare is for life!” Well, something like that.

So remember to respond instead of reacting, and if you have questions about Medicare, check in with me and I’ll do my best to help.

Despite COVID, you really have to get out!

When I think of all things we did last summer, cookouts, movies, concerts, well, it makes realize how much I took for granted before the Pandemic.

Fortunately we did get out last week with the whole family, the first time in a while. Check out our adventure.

Who doesn’t love Lego, right?

The point is, if you are careful, there are things going on your community that you can do safely, so make the effort to get out a least once this week and try something new, you will be glad you did.

Believe it or not, I am not in the midst a re certifying for 2021 with all Medicare Carriers and I’m starting to review changes in the plans.

Big picture: Copays for the Advantage plans and the drugs co pays are going up, as usual :(.

The good news? Telehealth is going to get easier and more common. That’s a good thing. Here’s an article on what’s coming up.

If you are taking expensive Medicare medications, now is the time to review them with your doctor and your pharmacist and see if there are alternatives. Many of you are now in the “donut hole” and paying a lot for your medications, so this is the time to see if there are lower priced alternatives.

Please call if you have questions.

How to make things better

This week, I spoke with two different Medicare clients who were really having a hard time with isolation.

Check out this simple thing you can do to make life better::

It’s all about helping others and not being afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Figure out one thing you can do to make someone else happy:

Leave a bottle of wine on a neighbor’s door.

Reach out to a long lost friend (go through old pics and send them one of you two together).

Volunteer virtually.

Adopt a pet.

Here’s an article with ideas on how to get through these times of uncertainty.

Remember, when we help others, we are helping ourselves.

Stay safe and call me if you have Medicare Questions.

How to Avoid Medicare Identity Theft

Do you know how to avoid Medicare Identity Theft?

This week I heard from a couple of different Medicare clients who tell me their identities were ALMOST stolen.

As Clint Eastwood used to say, “Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya??”

If you check out this video, you will be lucky.

Simple steps to protect yourself can go a long way:

Check your credit report, is offering free weekly credit checks.

Don’t click on links unless you certain of the source.

If someone calls you from the IRS, Medicare, or any governmental organization, be careful.

This website link has a ton helpful ideas ( and it’s real, I swear 😊)

As a Medicare Insurance broker, my job is to keep you informed and help you take the mystery out of Medicare.

Let me know if you have questions.