Are you ready for the Medicare Zombie Invasion?

I hope you are having a great week despite the crazy times.

Now hold on, I was kidding about the Medicare Zombies, but only slightly.

I have been getting calls and emails from Medicare clients all over who tell me they are being hounded online, over the phone, on TV and by email about all the amazing things coming out from Medicare.

Just remember, if something sounds too amazing, then it probably isn’t true. So beware of the marketing ploys you are being bombarded with. If something does sound interesting to you, write it down, book a time on my calendar and we’ll find out together if it’s true. We can
start reviewing the new Medicare plans after October 1st, but we can’t make any changes until October 15th and we have until December 7th.

So in the meantime, don’t let the Medicare zombies scare you into believing you are missing out.

When you are ready, we will review all the Medicare plans in your area and pick what serves you best.

In the meantime, click on the picture below and check out the real tarantula invasion.

On a whim, Quantz and drove south to La Junta Colorado and watched the annual tarantula migration. It was fascinating to Fort Bent, another national monument from where we built the west. It was a great excuse to take one more small trip before the Medicare Annual Election Period begins in October.

During AEP,  the Medicare Annual Election Period, that’s when I’m working my hardest to make certain everyone is up to date on their coverage. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, if something about your coverage is making you unhappy, this is the time to contact me and get things right. If you are happy and everything is fine, you don’t need to book a time. But if you aren’t happy, that’s why I’m here.


How a Public Adjuster can save your bacon$!

I hope this note finds you in great health and excellent spirits in these times of fire, hurricanes and madness. Are you finding ways to take care of yourself and family?

Even though my focus is Medicare Insurance and helping consumers shop for coverage, I am always looking for ways to help people save money and protect themselves from risk.

Speaking of fire and hurricanes, thanks to Rob, a pilot in Texas. He explained to me how to make certain you don’t get ripped off by your insurance company the next time something happens to your house or your property.

Click on the link and give it a listen.

Until my conversation with Rob, I had never even heard of a Public Adjuster. Their role can vary depending on the state you live in.  And even though most Property and Casualty Insurance companies are honorable and easy to work with, some insurance companies will try to wear you down and underpay if they think that they can get away with it.

If it makes sense, a licensed Public Adjuster can be your advocate to make certain you and your family are made whole after a catastrophic event. Rob said that hiring one in Texas made the insurance company pay out thousands more. So read this article by clicking this link and learn how to protect yourself and your family.

The Medicare Annual Election Period is coming fast, October 1st. Your plan benefits for 2021 will be arriving then and you can read about what’s going to change. Interesting stuff is coming down the pike, so keep an eye out. We can make changes from October 15th to December 7th.

So tell your friends and family to call or book a time on my calendar below. Referrals are the lifeblood of my business so let me know who I can help.

And most important, send me pictures of your critters for the newsletter, that’s what I love.

Stay safe, do a good deed for a stranger, and let’s talk soon!

You Get What you pay for!

I hope this note finds you in great health and good spirit because of these crazy times. Imagine the great stories we’ll someday be able to tell our grandchildren.

Oh wait, most of already have grandchildren so scratch that idea 😊. Instead, imagine how thankful we’ll be when we finally get through this.  We all just have to do our best and keep going, right?

After a month on the road we are home, safe and sound. Working on the road turned out to be no problem, the main reason we came home was the fires out west, they were everywhere. We saw a big chunk of America I had never seen before (even when it was covered in smoke).

So today, it’s time to get what you paid for, really!  Click on this video and learn how.


We truly have one of the greatest National Park Services in the world and the great news? There are parks in every state (except Delaware). For $20 bucks you can get an annual pass and get out of your head and out of your house. Now that we are home again, I realize how happy it made us to be outside every day. So, even though we are home, I’m committed to getting outside every day, it really helps.

During our last hikes in Utah, it was over 100 degrees in the mountains and since my goal is to continue to be your Medicare Insurance broker forever (or least three more decades)that convinced us to come home, for a while.

Of course then it snowed. 94 degrees the day before and then this! Hopefully its putting out some of the fires here in Colorado.

Now back to Medicare: The Annual Election Period is rapidly approaching, October 15 till December 7th.

This is your chance to make certain you are maximizing your benefits and you are completely satisfied with your coverage. So take a few minutes to think about how your coverage worked this year so far.

Are you happy? Are you disappointed? Are you neutral? Regardless, please check in with me starting in October (or sooner if you are really concerned).  My sole purpose as a Medicare Insurance Broker is to help you navigate and get what you need.

That’s it for this week.  Let your friends and family know that I’m here if they need help with their Medicare Insurance coverage.