Watch out for this health problem

May this blog find you in good health with your Medicare Insurance working properly.

Hope you had some meaningful time with family over Labor Day.  Today, I encourage all of us to watch out for this health problem. 

Three weeks till the annual election period. Remember to ignore the noise and if we need to update your medications, shoot an email to Gray and we’ll be ready.

Karl Bruns-Kyler holding a building with his bare hands.

I was catching up with client Duke in Atlanta this week when his wife called. She was on the way to the hospital to check in on their 3rd grandchild who had just been born. Life’s great joy.

Duke tells me he and his wife love the time they spend babysitting and connecting with those cute little bundles of love. Their time with family makes them happier and healthier. That’s a fact that more and more studies are confirming:

Connections with others = better health.

Quantz and Nicholas at dinner together.

Yet despite all the tools we have to stay connected, humanity is experiencing a loneliness epidemic.

This year, the surgeon general published an 81 page report, “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation.”

Nicholas checking his phone in a crowd of people.

Want to hear a scary statistic?

“The mortality impact of being socially disconnected is similar to that caused by smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day, and even greater than that associated with obesity and physical inactivity.”

Karl and Nicholas together.

The good news is the remedy is in plain sight:

“Each of us can start now, in our own lives, by strengthening our connections and relationships.”

Help a Neighbor: Offer to pick up groceries or mow the lawn for a neighbor. Acts of kindness can lead to stronger community bonds.

Book Club: How about joining or starting a book club? You get to read and then chat about it with others. Two birds, one stone!

Local Tours: Many places offer free local tours or day trips. Why not sign up and learn something new?

Quantz in a doorway.

Call a Friend: Try to talk to a friend or family member at least once a day. Even a short call can make a big difference!

Get Moving: Take a walk or join a walking group. It’s good for your health, and you might bump into some friendly faces.

Stay Active in the Community: Try to participate in local events, group activities, or classes designed for seniors. This could include religious services, hobby groups, or exercise classes.

Just pick one and see what happens. The first ten people who try something new (and send a picture for the newsletter) will get a free Starbucks card!

The ball is in your court.

Karl and Quantz at dinner.

We had a fantastic time connecting with our Air Force son in Poland and now we have traveled to Stockholm. In this restaurant behind us, the Nobel Prize committee meets to choose its winners (but they didn’t ask us for advice.)

Quantz at the Abba museum.

Remember this band from our younger years? They have a fun Museum with the history of their music and tons of pictures, videos and memorabilia. If you ever visit, I bet you won’t be able to leave without at least one of their songs stuck in your head.

But if you want to hear some beautiful music, you need to listen to my buddy Jared.

Jared playing the guitar.

Jared is one of my favorite clients and just an overall amazing person. He and his wife Cindy were missionaries in many different countries, including India and Suriname.

Though retired, he continues to make music (check out ALL the instruments he plays in his YouTube video) and he stays connected to family and friends. I don’t think this guy could ever be lonely (or bored).

Carmen celebrating her birthday.

And finally, Happy Birthday to Carmen and her family. She is another amazing person, and also a pastor who has lived with her family all over the world. Carmen makes everyone better, including her husband Luke, my best friend since 8th grade.

I can’t wait to see them in October!

That’s it for this week; Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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