Why Not Volunteer?

May this blog post find you in good health with your Medicare Coverage working properly.  

After visiting the largest Buddha in Bangkok, Q and I couldn’t resist walking past the monk and receiving good wishes.

Monk in Bangkok with Karl and Q.

We’ve been sending this newsletter for five years now, pretty much every Saturday.

Whether at home or working from the road, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to help clients from all over the States make sure their Medicare coverage is working properly.

Quantz in the sun with The Big 65.

We had a long trip to visit the bridge over the river Kwai (remember that movie?) and to learn about all of the Allied POW’s who died building the Thai Burma railway during the Japanese occupation.

My great uncle was a Dutch POW and he was forced to help build the railroad.

Karl and Q visit bridge over the River Kwai.

My takeaway from his horrific experience (he wrote the history for the family) is that he survived because he banded together and worked with other POWs to survive and to help each other.

In our world today, I think we survive and thrive by staying connected to others. At least that’s what many clients tell me on a regular basis when we catch up on calls.

Click on the picture below to learn one activity that seems to make life better.

Volunteering has many benefits that go both ways, for the volunteer and the recipient.  

Engagement, a sense of purpose, connection and perhaps better health could be a few of the benefits of doing something new and developing new relationships.

Here is a link to the benefits, and also a link to the organisation where we dropped in to teach English for a morning.

Volunteering seems to be one of the secret sauces that brings joy to life.

For years my mother volunteered by driving community members to doctor appointments and also working in an animal shelter.

Aunt Nureen and kids in Laos.
While in Laos, we connected with my cousin Arjan and his family, including my Aunt Nureen. Do you think she enjoyed the time with her grandchildren?

They were volunteering at Big Brother Maus, a drop in English Class center that also publishes books and improves local schools. It was a really nice way to connect and do something small that may help others.

Arjan and Karl together.
I only see Arjan every 5-10 years so when we do see each other, it is meaningful to catch up.

Vendor with bracelets made from bombs.

We thought this was a pretty cool way for the Lao people to take something painful and turn it around, turning bomb metal into souvenirs for the night market.

Sunset with The Big 65.

Our daughter Sus tells us it’s super cold back home in Colorado, so we are appreciating the warmth here.

Vendor selling sticky rice treats.

While returning from a visit to the bridge over the river Kwai, we stopped at a roadside gas stop and sampled these delicious sticky rice treats, filled with banana, sweet potato and other surprises. Ten Thai Baht each, 31 cents, so they were fun and inexpensive to sample.

Vehicle in Thailand.

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