Never go to the Emergency Room alone😱!

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The official start of summer is just a week away and we’re doing our best to get out and enjoy the local sights before the hottest weather begins. Do you have a botanical nearby? My wife Q loves flowers!

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Everyone knows that getting outside is good for the body and the soul, but what happens if something goes wrong and you need to visit the Emergency Room?

Client Pam, a professional caregiver for seniors in South Carolina, reminded me of the cardinal rule everyone of us should follow and be prepared for: Never go to the Emergency Room Alone!

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Emergencies are stressful enough without facing them alone. Here’s why you should always have someone with you in the ER and how to ensure you have support when you need it most.

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Pitfalls of Going to the ER Alone

1.  When you’re in pain or distress, making important decisions can be hard. A trusted person can help you make the right choices.

2.  It can be tough to describe symptoms and understand medical terms. A companion can help you communicate better with doctors.

3.  Handling paperwork and getting home can be overwhelming. A friend or family member can assist with these tasks.

4.  The ER can be scary. Having someone with you provides comfort and reduces stress.

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Strategies to Ensure You’re Never Alone

1.  Build a Support Network:  Make a list of friends, family, and neighbors who can help in an emergency.

2.  Emergency Contacts:  Always carry a list of emergency contacts with you.

3.  Use Technology:  Use apps and devices that alert loved ones if you have an emergency.

4.  Plan Ahead:  Share your medical preferences and needs with your support network. Here’s a link to a past blog with tools and docs.

5.  Regular Check-Ins:  Have daily check-ins with someone to ensure your well-being.

6.  Medical Information:  Carry a card with your health info, conditions, medications, and emergency contacts.

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By planning ahead and creating a robust support network, you can ensure that you always have someone by your side in times of need. Thank goodness my big brother Dr. Rob was prepared for a surprise he didn’t expect. Now he’s back home and back at work treating patients. Keep going brother!

I also love this pic of Gina with four generations of her family: her mom, her daughter, and her granddaughter. Life is beautiful!

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Too many people are counting on you, too, so have a plan and be ready!

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Keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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