Slow Down Cognitive Decline

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Today I want to talk about the importance of brain care and how to slow down cognitive decline.

A recent article in the New York Times gave some great suggestions on ways to keep the brain healthy.

Play games.

Read more novels.

Beware of technology.

Eat bright colored fruits and vegetables.

Other activities that help keep the brain sharp and improve our memory include chess, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, Sedoko, Wordle, Scrabble, Bridge, and any card game that involves remembering things.  Improving our cognitive function does not need to be boring!

Keeping the mind active is important in keeping a healthy brain but there are also other things that research tells us are important to healthy brains:   SLEEP!   Good quality sleep is important to brain health.  Good sleep is often overlooked as an important part of staying brain-healthy.

A Mediterranean-style diet has also been shown to help keep the brain healthy.  This means lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and nuts. Eating more fish and chicken is also good for a healthy brain.

And don’t forget the importance of regular exercise.  You don’t have to be a marathon runner.  It helps just to take brisk walks every day.

These are just some of the things that can help us slow down cognitive decline and improve brain function.

For us, it’s all about trying new things, like street corn or just practicing my lousy Spanish :).

The important thing?


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How To Stay Sharp As We Age

I hope this note finds you well.

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients daily.

It constantly amazes me how sharp some retirees remain.

Of course genetics plays a role but so does active engagement…

Playing Games.

Doing Puzzles.


Listening to lectures.

Staying engaged, remaining active, and learning new things can go a long way in slowing cognitive decline.

It’s not a cure all but it definitely helps.

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Hearing Loss Ruins Everything!


Hearing Loss Ruins Everything – As a Medicare As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients every week about Medicare Insurance options, the topic of self-care, and how retirees best manage the aging process.

Want to know the biggest mistake I see?

How hard it is for some people to deal with hearing loss.

That used to be me!

Hearing Loss Ruins Everything – Hearing loss causes social isolation, cognitive decline and it can lead to depression.

The average person procrastinates more than six years AFTER hearing loss has occurred!

Wanna be happier? Wanna live longer? Want have more meaningful connections?

Swallow your damn pride and get your hearing tested!

It changed my life for the better.

Some Medicare Insurance plans include hearing benefits, so check your plan.

If they don’t, go to Costco or Sam’s Club and schedule a free hearing test.

Just remember to be patient with the hearing aid learning process…

Hearing loss occurs over time and it usually takes a while to find the right equipment and for the brain to adjust.

Of course not everyone succeeds with hearing aids.

But, if you persevere, the payoff is HUGE…

More joy, better relationships, and you might be able to hear the birds again!

Here’s great article on hearing loss.

And if you do need help or have questions about Medicare Insurance Plans, book a time on my calendar.

I’ll be happy to help.

Talk soon!


How to prevent cognitive decline and dementia in Medicare age individuals

Would you like to know how to slow down cognitive decline, isolation and depression in Medicare age individuals?

Watch this and find out.

That’s right, get a hearing aid! Now before you start whinging about cost and the nuisance factor and the annoyance, hear me out 😊.

After too many concerts as a young man, I finally got a pair of inner ear hearing aids they truly changed my life and the lives of those I love.

I can hear the birds sing when we drink our morning coffee. I don’t yell at the kids (as much). I don’t have to pretend I understand. That’s a big deal.

Studies have shown hearing loss leads to isolation, falls, reduced heart health, depression and dementia. Being able to hear well is life changing.

My audiologist tells me most people wait SEVEN YEARS past the time they need them. Most importantly, restored hearing can save a marriage and improve the quality of your life.

Some Medicare plans do cover the cost or partial cost of hearing aids. If your plan doesn’t, consider a trip to Costco. They have in store testing and reasonably priced equipment.

If that’s still out of your price range, visit a Bose audio store and try out their Bose Hearphones ( I have a pair I use for phone work). You can actually adjust the acoustics using your smart phone and they are amazing (and priced at just $500).

I can actually hear and communicate in a noisy restaurant (assuming we ever eat out again). Plus they are the only self regulating hearing aids approved by the FDA.

So don’t let your damn pride get in the way of living well. Get your hearing tested. You’ll be glad you did.