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Did you see the eclipse?

The solar eclipse, 2024.

Plato and I didn’t see squat of the eclipse here in Colorado, but it did give him an excuse go next door and to say “hey” to Sally.

Karl's neighbor Sally with Plato.

Meanwhile, Shava and I were out back checking the health of 60,000 of our dearest friends. The bees thrived this winter so we’re splitting the hives, sending the established queens to the country and making space for the new queens.

Shava and Karl working on the bee hives.

When you remove the Queen, the hive has to get their act together to produce a new Queen quickly. I so appreciate Beekeeper Shava’s guidance to make sure I don’t screw things up…with the hives, or elsewhere.

Shava holding the bees.

Fortunately, my Queen bee Quantz is fearless and she keeps me connected. Which brings us to today’s blog – watch out for loneliness.

Quantz examining the bee hives.

Bees have a built-in community, but for us humans, loneliness is an epidemic. Left untreated, it can seriously harm our health.

Studies suggest loneliness can change how the brain and body respond to stress, rewards, and social cues, potentially leading to long-term health problems like dementia.

These are actionable steps we can take to combat loneliness:

•  Ask for Help:  Don’t be shy to reach out to friends when feeling lonely.

•  Be Social:  Join community events or groups to meet people.

•  Get Moving:  Exercise can boost your mood and is a chance to socialize.

•  Think Positive:  Try to see social situations in a good light.

•  Seek Support:  If loneliness feels overwhelming, consider talking to a professional.

•  Stay Connected:  Use calls or video chats to keep in touch with loved ones.

•  Find Your Crowd:  Look for groups that share your interests.

•  Embrace New Friendships:  Be open to making new friends wherever you go.

These are things my buddy Marcel did and it made a world of difference.

Marcel who came to view the solar eclipse.

Marcel lost his partner of 45 years on April 8, 2022. This year, he decided to celebrate the memory of the passing by travelling from the Netherlands to the US (with a group of strangers) to see the eclipse on April 8, 2024.

Marcel's group ready to view the solar eclipse.

Marcel’s group of Dutch & Belgians flew to Texas just to see the eclipse. Because of weather forecasts, they traveled over eight hundred miles through New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, finally to Conway, Arkansas to fulfill their goal.

Solar eclipse time.

Thank goodness they had a plan and their persistence was rewarded. It was only afterwards that Marcel told the group how he honored his spouse by coming for the eclipse. What a great way to celebrate a loss and to create new friendships and adventure.

Friendly people celebrating the solar eclipse in April of 2024.

I was proud of Marcel for getting out of his comfort zone and doing something new. Is there something new you can do to make your life better?

Marcel and Plato taking a break.

Colorado’s next full eclipse will occur in 2045. Marcel says he coming. Will you be here? If you stay connected to others, you’ll definitely increase your chances of attending.

How I do to stay connected? How about a beer with my buddy Gerry, but just one🍺😉, right? Everything in moderation, even moderation 😂.

Karl's buddy Gerry holding a can of beer.

Getting old ain’t for sissies, and sometimes we will feel like crying. Nothing wrong with that. But after we pick ourselves up, my goal is to be like Maddy. This is what her owner says:

There’s no stick too big for Maddy.”

Maddy the dog looking at a big tree.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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