How Not To Drive Each Other Crazy

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Lynne sent this picture of Mike in North Carolina to confirm they received the last of our honey. These two have been pulling an RV for years and when Mike and I aren’t talking about college football (or Medicare), he’s telling me about their adventures and what’s up with friends.

Mike in North Carolina holding sweet honey from The Big 65 Medicare Insurance broker.

It’s a privilege to interact with clients like Mike and Lynne who really are squeezing the juice out of life. I don’t mean to suggest their lives are perfect, yet they’ve found a way to enjoy retirement together. My perception is they are still rooting for each other, even after many years.

We know that “getting old ain’t for sissies.” This blog is about the challenges all couples face in not driving each other crazy. Are you ready for this journey through the “Heart of Darkness😄?”

A dark scene from The Big 65.

For years, most of us dream of crossing the retirement line and entering the promised land and having control of our time. But after we get what we think we want, things change, right?

When the retirement honeymoon ends, the joy of time freedom can fade and the new reality of life sets in.

According to this article, many couples struggle to find relationship equilibrium in retirement. Divorces are rising as boomers seek self actualization and re-evaluate our lives and our marriages.

This isn’t always an easy transition and it sometimes requires purposeful navigation through new and surprisingly uncertain waters.

Boatman navigating waters at night from the helm of his boat.

Retirement can cause an identity crisis for those who were very involved in their careers. Without the daily distractions of work, deeper marital problems can become more obvious.

Couples often face financial worries, with different attitudes towards spending and saving becoming more pronounced.

Many couples then struggle with the changed dynamics. Getting used to spending much more time together in the same space requires adjustment. Are you hiding the sharp objects 😄?

These new paradigms can strain marriages unless couples actively work on adapting and supporting each other’s new roles and interests. So there is hope!

Bird on top of a sign.

Here are some ideas:

Communicate Openly:  Talk honestly about feelings and expectations.

Enjoy Activities Together:  Share hobbies and interests to stay connected.

Maintain Independence:  Support each other’s need for personal space and solo activities. (Guess who went to a Long Term Care conference without Q?)

State capital with beautiful and colorful spring flowers.

Other steps to consider:

Adjust Roles:  Discuss and adopt new household roles and responsibilities together.

Plan Finances Together:  Manage money jointly to avoid stress.

Provide Emotional Support:  Be there for each other during emotional ups and downs.

Stay Socially Active:  Keep up with friends and make new ones.

Consider Counseling:  Seek professional help if needed to resolve conflicts.

Stay Active:  Engage in physical activities together for better health.

Set New Goals:  Plan for future projects and dreams together.

Small adjustments over a long period of time lead to amazing results. Nothing happens overnight. Just like Bobby’s eggplants, good things take time, right?

Bobby tending to his eggplants.

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Marcos and Karl together.

After the Long Term Care insurance conference, I had the pleasure of visiting Marcos, a life long friend that makes me better. It’s always good to see people you love and stay connected.

Equally fun, I spent time with our niece Lisle in Chicago. It’s so fun to see the young uns growing up. Who do you need to connect with next? Please don’t wait, the clock is ticking.

Lisle and Karl in Chicago.

Keep squeezing the juice out of life and look for ways to help others!

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