Did your Medicare account get breached?

May this blog post find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly 😊.

Just a few weeks till the Annual Election Period. Remember that anyone who calls you to inquire about your Medicare coverage is breaking the law unless you have explicitly given them permission.

If anyone calls you about Medicare, ask for their name and insurance license number and watch the bad guys disappear 👿.

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I came home early to get ready for the busy season which begins on October 15th. Plus, it’s just easier to work from home.

The biggest surprise I’ve seen is that Medicare got hacked, Did you see the news? On May 30th, over 600,000 records were compromised… names, Social Security numbers, Medicare Numbers and more 😤 – not cool at all.

Many steps nestled between two buildings.

If your Medicare number was taken, you should have received a letter from CMS and a new Medicare number. Be sure to update your doctors, your insurance company (and me ) if you were notified of the breach.

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Regardless, it’s always a good idea to check your credit at least once a year to see if anyone got hold of your information. You can request a free credit report by visiting www.annualcreditreport.com or calling 877-322-8228. Here’s the full article on the breach just in case your interested.

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So proud of my buddy, cowboy poet Dirk Weisiger, for completing this epic adventure in the Alps. A lot of you folks have been telling me about your adventures, but we need more pictures, please 😊.

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Thanks to client Bill for sharing his wife’s accomplishment. Artist Kathleen Crocetti won the “Best in Show” Mosaic Award at the Mosaic & Glass Arts International Festival.

She is going to receive her award in Buffalo and then Bill is retiring and they are off to explore the mosaics in Italy. “Congratulazioni e buon viaggio✈️!”

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I’m getting hungry looking at these crabs Mike pulled up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. You can’t get those in Colorado.

Texting for seniors.

Buckeye David always posts the funniest stuff. It’s good to stay up to date, but more importantly…

Did you know Silver Sneakers is offering tuition dollars for college coursework? You can use the money yourself or gift it to your grandkids. Here are the details.

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So while Quantz is out exploring, please know that I’m here and ready to help you with all things Medicare. That’s a promise!

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