Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plans – Which Are Better?

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Thank goodness, less than two weeks left in the Annual Election Period.

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In the meantime, Dan and Sam hope everyone had a…

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Today, I’ll touch on the question: Medicare Supplement or Advantage Plans – Which Are Better?  But first … 

In reviewing plans with clients all over the country, it has been fun to hear how different folks celebrated the holiday.

You can tell by the smiles that Jack, Adrienne and her Mamma lived large and enjoyed the day. What a handsome family.

Jack, Adrienne and her Mamma portrait_The Big 65

One of the questions I get every day is:

Medicare Supplement or Advantage Plans – Which Are Better?

Honestly, it’s kind of like asking which is better, being Catholic or being Protestant?

My job is to present the good, the bad, and the ugly of each type of plan. Much depends on how you use healthcare services.

I love the simplicity of Medicare Supplements, but I dislike that the premiums continue to rise.

I love the value based model of Medicare Advantage plans, but I dislike how hard it can sometimes be to navigate the networks.

Each person’s situation is different so the important thing is to draw your own conclusions. If you want to go deep, here’s an interesting article.

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Thanksgiving in our house was pretty quiet. Florence, our exchange student, was out of town, Sus, our daughter traveled on Thanksgiving, so we ate ham and postponed the dinner till after my busy season.

Sus did stop by the evening before Thanksgiving and crushed me in board games. Remember when you used to let them win? The tide has shifted :).

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Perhaps you know the value I place on trying new things, keeping your brain active, living a life of service? Well, I’ve started a new hobby, tutoring English.

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Every Sunday morning, I share a screen with my French faux grandchildren (the sons of our first exchange student from twenty years ago) and we practice English. It is exhausting and fun. What are you doing to improve the lives and the brains of your grandvarmints?

If you don’t have grandkids, there are plenty of local programs desperate for volunteers. Okay, I’ll say it again (Q says I’m a nag) but, the secret to living well is living for others.

Frog tree from Karen in Michigan_The Big 65

Now we move on to Christmas. Client Karen in Michigan sent this picture of her frog tree. Years ago, one of her bosses got it into his head that she was crazy about frogs (she wasn’t) and somehow everyone around her glommed onto the idea and started giving her frogs and voila! Ain’t life funny? Please send pictures of what’s going on in your life and…

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