What happens if the system breaks down?

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Are you getting through your taxes?  It’s QuickBooks time here at home and Plato is not in the mood. He loves the sun and the snow.

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Last weekend, the neighborhood looked like this.

Sun shining on a snowy day in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Now the snow is mostly gone and we are definitely thinking Spring.

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Of course we’re always one disruption away from a problem (weather, internet, health) so today, we need to talk about prescriptions and how to make sure you never run out.

Plato chomping down on some Skippy peanut butter in Colorado.

Your grandmother had a well stocked pantry, just in case. Now we are spoiled by 24 hour convenience and Amazon so we are used to having less of everything on hand.

It may be time to build up reserves.

Earlier this year, hackers took over a major healthcare website and prevented physicians from being paid and some pharmacies from dispensing medications.

Karl's backyard beehive in Colorado.

Many pharmacies were able to find work-around options, but some of my clients were in a tight spot.

Dr. Michael Rhodes recommends having an emergency supply of meds on hand, minimally three days worth, ideally 30 days worth and a disaster kit ready.

If you prepare, you’ll be like Jane and have no drama with your Llama.

Jane hugging her llama.

“Ask your doctor for an additional prescription, explain what you’re doing and tell your doctor the meds will be going into storage,” says Dr. Rhodes. “Since many insurance companies will only cover a 30-day supply you may need to pay out of pocket. If your medication is very expensive, ask if there’s a generic substitute you could use in an emergency.”

Group of people sitting at a table.

Check out this article for additional ideas on how to have your emergency medicines ready, but the bottom line…bee 🐝 prepared 😂.

Then go have a cup of coffee☕ with the people you love. This is my old tribe in the Shenandoah Valley. I sure hope to see them again.

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How To Prevent Accidents

Of course we can’t prevent all accidents, but many are preventable.

If you’re angry, upset, or stressed out, be extra careful before driving.

One of my Medicare Insurance clients had just worked out at the gym and was racing out the door. She slipped and broke her patella!

Now she’ll be immobilized in bed for a month.

We live in a time where our attention is one of the most limited resources. That means it is even more important to be deliberate about where you put your attention.

Before driving, and turning on the ignition, take a second to breathe deep. Turn off your phone notifications, focus on staying alive.

Here’s an article to talk about those most common problems.

Put on some music, enjoy the ride. Life is short, let’s not make it any shorter :-).

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