Death, Medicare & Taxes

Death and taxes, right?

Check with a tax professional first, but I was blown away that some of you all can take write offs for:

  1. Medicare Part B, Med Supps, and Part D premiums if you are self-employed, that’s huge!
  2. If you or your spouse are still working, check out if you can still contribute to retirement.
  3. Snowbirds can consider switching the primary residence to avoid state taxes.
  4. Look at gift giving, charitable deductions and total medical expenses (if the exceed 7.5% of your AGI.)

Here’s a great article from Kiplinger with that information.

And if you have questions about Medicare Insurance, book a time on my calendar here.

Here’s Why You Keep Getting Medicare Calls!

One of the biggest frustrations Medicare consumers experience daily is… the illegal telemarketing bombardment:

Phone calls, texts, and voicemails.

It’s insane.

It’s also against the law!

Medicare consumers are duped into believing they are making huge mistakes and leaving money on the table if they don’t engage with a complete stranger at a call center and switch plans.

Most of the calls are illegal; most do not have permission to contact you.

Most are bad news and here’s proof.

When a telemarketer calls (and if you mistakenly pick up) say this:

“Before we engage, please give me your FULL NAME, your STATE INSURANCE LICENSE and YOUR PHONE NUMBER, and I will confirm your identity and call you back.”

Watch them scamper like rats! And if they give their number, call me and I’ll help you report them.

Unless you’ve given “permission to contact,” telemarketers are breaking the law and they know it.

Do not fall for these call center ploys or you may end up in the wrong plan!

Take these steps to reduce unwanted calls:

1. Set up your iPhone or your Android only to receive calls from people you choose, people in your contacts.
Here is the link on how to set up your phone  and be sure to add my number to your safe list 😊.

2. Consider adding a third party call blocking app like Truecaller, YouMail, Robokiller or Hiya.

3. If these tech steps are above your paygrade (or you don’t have access to a grandchild for tech support,) visit your local cell phone provider and get them to help you set up your phone.

So how do you know if you are in a good Medicare Insurance Plan and purge the fear that you are making a mistake?

How do you know if you are leaving  money on the table and continue to be an informed consumer?

The answer is simple…

Find a trusted independent Medicare Insurance Broker, someone you can work with year after year.

Check their google reviews.

Check if they have complaints with the Department of Insurance.

If you engage with an Independent Insurance Broker (not a captive sales agent trying to change your plan), you’ll get the help you need.

Medicare Consumers need a professional who will be there year after year, a professional who will answer questions (AFTER the sale) and to help them switch plans only if it is appropriate.

That’s why I’m here. That’s why I love what I do.

So get those telemarketers out of your life and if you have questions, book a time on my calendar here.




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