Sometimes surgery might not be the answer

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Karl Bruns-Kyler working with bees in Colorado_The Big 65.

Spring has sprung and I spent Saturday out in Windsor, Colorado, getting an update on the do’s and don’ts of beekeeping.

It was so much fun to get hands-on experience, pulling frames, learning about the brood, plus all the stuff I’ll need to do to keep the two hives healthy and to hopefully get some honey in the fall.

If there’s extra, I promise to share.

Beekeeping in Colorado with The Big 65.

Trying to shoot a slow-motion video of the bees, I got a little too close and one of the bees stung me on the lip, making it look like a bad plastic surgery face lift.

Oh well, lesson learned: have a healthy respect for nature. Naturally, my wife Q thought it was pretty dang funny.

Sunset view in Highlands Ranch Colorado_The Big 65.

It’s finally warming up here and I hope you are getting outside as much as possible.

Whenever we walk our big fluffy dog Plato, he brings a smile to people’s faces, including Brenda who we often see in the park.

Brenda in Highlands Ranch Colorado_The Big 65.

As your Medicare Insurance broker, I hear stories every week about the good, the bad and the ugly of modern medicine.

Over the years, I’ve spoken with hundreds of clients about their prostate (all guys, naturally). Their experiences as patients have run the gamut from easy-peasy to being a true disruptor of the quality of their lives.

Cancer is scary word. Sometimes the fear of a condition can lead consumers to seek aggressive treatment prematurely.

Robert Kyler in Virginia - brother of Karl Bruns-Kyler_Big 65.

According to my older brother Robert (he is a Radiation Oncologist in Virginia), when patients are alerted to an elevated PSA score, many believe they must immediately be treated by surgery or radiation. In some situations, the treatment can be worse than the condition.

The protocol for treating prostate cancer has changed in the last ten years to “active surveillance,” not forgetting about the elevated PSA’s, but instead monitoring the situation and not rushing to treatment if it is not necessary.

DO NOT TAKE THIS BLOG AS MEDICAL ADVICE, be an informed consumer before selecting treatment. Every situation is different. Remember:

Just because a medical service is available, that doesn’t always make it appropriate for you. Here’s an article on this topic.

Flo the French cousin in Colorado_The Big 65.

My wife’s French cousin, Flo, has now rounded the eighth month of living with us and working as a volunteer for the music program El Sistema here in Denver. I’m amazed she hasn’t gotten tired of us, yet.

You know I’m an evangelist for opening your home to young people (and for your kids to have exchange students).

Sharing your home just makes life better (plus it prevents me from running around in my boxers), and Quantz says that certainly makes the world a better place.

Joe and Becky and Les Misérables_The Big 65 clients.

Client’s Joe and Becky got out this week and saw “Les Misérables” and they said it was fantastic. My wife Q loves musicals. Me? Not so much. They kind of make me feel like a “Misérable.”

I always try to get our daughter Sus to take my place. Q thinks I will like “The Book of Mormon” musical, but I’m doing my best to dodge the bullet, besides, my beehives will definitely need me the weekend of that show, right?

Haas Kyler fishing in Virginia_The Big 65.

I chat with my brothers several times a week. Every time I catch my little brother Haas, he seems to be fishing in Virginia. For the heck of it, I used FaceTime to find out why he fishes so much… of course it’s beer. You see his buddy Mike in the background throwing one down?

As Haas always says, “life is good.” Keep squeezing the juice out of life.

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