How To Age In Place


Hi this is Karl with The Big 65 Medicare Insurance Services and I hope you’re having a great week.

If you live long enough you’re going to get older.

And if you get older, it’s important to have a plan put together to be able to age in place.

Are you living in a house where you can live out the rest of your life safely?

Almost everyone hopes to live out their life as independently in their own home.

Very few take the actions necessary in advance to achieve this goal.

As a result, many people lose the ability to live at home when a preventable accident occurs.

Take proactive steps so you can take so that you can live in your home as long as possible.

Install shower bars proactively.

Put in slip resistant services.

Here is a link with ideas on how to make sure your house is set up for you to age in place.

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Homeowners Beware!

As your Medicare Insurance Broker, I encourage you to schedule a time on my calendar every year to make sure your coverage is up to date.

It’s equally important to review your homeowners coverage with an independent property & casualty broker as well.

Understand the deductibles, make sure your valuable items are scheduled and have your broker shop the rates so you are not surprised.

I work with the same clients for years and years and clients appreciate that I am not tied to a single Medicare Insurance Company.

The same is true of Property and Casualty Brokers that are independent.

Find one that you like and trust who works hard for you.

Here’s an article to get educated.

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My job is to help you take the mystery out of Medicare :-)!

How To Stay Sharp As We Age

I hope this note finds you well.

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients daily.

It constantly amazes me how sharp some retirees remain.

Of course genetics plays a role but so does active engagement…

Playing Games.

Doing Puzzles.


Listening to lectures.

Staying engaged, remaining active, and learning new things can go a long way in slowing cognitive decline.

It’s not a cure all but it definitely helps.

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When Should I Start Social Security?

Greetings Medicare Seeker!

Here’s a question I receive every week: when should I start Social Security?

The answer is… it depends :)!

Every retiree is in a different situation, but the rule of thumb is this:

The longer you wait, the larger benefit.

Here’s an article from Bankrate that may be helpful.

If you are unsure, visit the Social Security Website or contact a financial professional.

Even more important, the Medicare Annual Election Period begins in October.

If you haven’t reviewed your Medicare Insurance coverage in a while or you just want peace of mind…

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Do You Have Mental Flexibility?

Hi, this is Karl with the Big 65 Medicare Insurance Services and I hope you’re having a great week.

My wife and I are in Iceland climbing a glacier near Reykjavik and today I want to talk about the importance of mental flexibility.

You know, it’s so easy to get lost in our heads when things go wrong for us.

This week, we were waiting for a tour to start, we went to the meeting place, we sat there for two hours and waited and stewed in our own anger.

Then we realized there was nothing we could do about it and how LUCKY we were to be here at all.

So remember, when you find yourself starting to get cranky, reframe and remember the good things that are going on, because there’s always something good!

Here’s a great article.

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Learn Something New

Greetings Medicare Seeker, I hope this note finds you well.

The importance of continuous learning cannot be overstated.

Whether you are learning to play bridge, learning to play the guitar or learning how to blow out your sprinklers to prepare for winter, learning something new every day has multiple benefits.

Learning new things helps regenerate neurons, reduces the risk of dementia,
improves our ability to handle challenges and increases our socialization skills.

Here’s an article with all the details.

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I’ve Got Some Bad News…

I’ve got some bad news…

“We’re all gonna die! ☹!”

Now before you get upset, here’s the good news…

If you are reading this, you are still alive 😊!

And for that, give thanks!

As your Medicare Insurance Broker, I see too many people lose sight of this fact.

If you clicked on the video, you learned how thinking about death can improve your life!

I spoke with a young friend whose mother had been diagnosed with and died of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer kills quickly.

Can you imagine how distraught this must have made him and his family?

Nicholas’ response to his mother’s diagnoses changed everything.

“When they told me she had this cancer, in my mind, I decided she was already dead. That made every second I had with her thereafter a gift from heaven.”

Miraculously, his mother lived another 24 months.

Did his mother die well?

Nicholas did not sugarcoat anything.

“It was hard, she died in the hospital, but she died surrounded by the people she loved most, my father, my sister and I, and those last two years gave her more love than she ever could have imagined. Those last two years were a gift.”

We are all going to die.

But using this knowledge to reframe every waking moment can bring deep joy and new energy to all pleasure and the challenges in our lives.

Life is all about perspective. The onus is upon to remember and reframe, to get our minds off ourselves and to find ways to help others.

That’s it for this week.

Remember when you and your friends have questions about Medicare, I’m here if you need me.

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The Unexpected Consequences of Change

I hope this note finds you well.

The Unexpected Consequences of Change – This last year has been filled with more change than any I can remember.

More than 40 years ago, the Municipal Utility Company of Medellin used eminent domain to create vast reservoir in Guatape, Colombia for the purpose of hydro electric power.

As you can imagine, this project caused massive societal upheaval in the area, both good and bad.

The project now provides thirty percent of Colombia’s energy.

The unexpected consequence of the reservoir is that it accidentally created one of the most popular outdoor tourist attractions in all of Colombia and this influx has created jobs and wealth for the area, as well as problems.

I don’t mean to sugarcoat change and upheaval, but when things are changing, as they always are, we have a choice:

We can focus on the negatives and live in defeat or…

We can ask, “how do we adapt and make the most of this challenging situation?”

The Unexpected Consequences of Change – Remember, if you have questions about Medicare, you can book a time on my calendar here.

Kindness Could Save Your Life!

Greetings Medicare Consumer.

Kindness Could Save Your Life – May this note find you in good health despite the madness of the times.

Kindness makes all the difference in the world. Being kind to others makes us healthier and happier.

While on this four day trek to the Lost City, through the jungles of Colombia, my wife slipped and badly injured her leg.

If not for the kindness of our guides, well, we might have been in a really bad spot.

Kindness changes everything. Studies have shown that random acts of kindness makes us happier.

Here’s the article.

So lift your spirits by helping others!

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Be Well!

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