You don’t have to be Evel Knievel to have fun!

May this newsletter-blog post find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly Smile emoji..

It’s hot as the dickens here but not nearly as hot as it is for all our clients in the South!

Plato loves the green but he’s always eager to head home fast.

Now that Summer is in full swing, what are you doing for fun?

Karl's dog Plato running in the Colorado sun.

Three generations of David’s family are spending time together and their smiles speak louder than the words.

Summer is a great time to reconnect with family and friends and rekindle the bonds that make life worth living.

The clock is ticking so don’t wait to spend time with the ones you love.

David and his beautiful family together.

Our nephew showed up in town last week and we had the privilege of helping him complete one of his lifelong dreams: a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Carter at Red Rocks in Colorado.

We arrived a bit late and had to park more than a mile from the amphitheater and hike. Carter really enjoyed the majestic surroundings.

Carter at Red Rocks concert in Colorado.

Of course the minute we got to our seats, the loudspeakers announced a huge hail storm on the way and urged everyone to seek shelter IMMEDIATELY, the concert was on hold Sad emoji..

As we had just experienced a tornado in the previous weeks, your Medicare Insurance Broker KBK and his nephew high tailed it back to the car. I was disappointed for my nephew, but his attitude was stellar.

Avett Brothers performing at Red Rocks in Colorado.

And just like that, they announced the storm would miss us, so, back up to the amphitheater we hiked and had a fantastic time listening to the Avett Brothers.

Carter and Flo in Colorado with Karl.

The next morning at breakfast, we bragged of our hardiness (and how I couldn’t find the car, doh  Homer Simpson figure.) and the fun of the adventure, plus Carter got to meet his third cousin, Flo!

Summer is a great opportunity to do new things, get out of the comfort zone and explore.

It doesn’t have to be anything amazing, just something new to you.

Karl's former neighbor Mr Bill.

My role model is my 97 year old former neighbor, Mr. Bill.

Bill's Rubik cube.

A retired math professor whose brain never stops working, he posted the picture of a Rubik cube he had just solved. He’s always busy with math problems way above my pay grade!

That’s impressive!

Just speed up sign in Colorado.

Don’t be Evel Knievel this summer but there are plenty of ways to fill it with novelty:
• Get outside and take a walk (when it’s cool :)).
• Share popsicles with the neighbors.
• Work on a craft (great for the brain and fun).
• Call a cousin you haven’t spoken with in forever.
• Read a new book (I just finished “Copperhead,” by Barbara Kingsolver.)
• Visit a local state park.
• Write a letter to someone in need.

Letter to Karl Bruns-Kyler in Colorado.

I dashed off a letter back in June to someone going through hard times. The response I received this week was tonic to my heart.

One of the secrets to happiness: keep focus on the happiness of others, it’ll pay you back a thousand fold. You don’t know when, but I promise it will :).

That’s it for this week; Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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