Watch out for dentists under 30!

Happy October!

May this note find you in great health with your Medicare Insurance working properly 😊.

Are you enjoying the autumn weather? The Annual Election Period begins tomorrow, October 15th! Book a time here if we need to talk. If you’re happy and all is well with your coverage, ignore the noise.

Karl Bruns-Kyler and his dog Plato preparing for Medicare's Annual Election Period.

Remember: anyone who calls YOU about Medicare without permission is BREAKING THE LAW. Ask for their insurance license number and watch them disappear 👿.

Last week, Jason and I hung out with our buddy Carry the dentist and played a game called Padel, similar to Pickleball but kind of like squash. It was great fun, but the interesting part was the conversation afterwards.

Karl Bruns-Kyler with Jason and Carry the dentist playing Padel (similar to Pickleball) Watch out for dentists under 30!

Carry said many younger dentists can sometimes be a little too aggressive in looking for issues to address in the mouths of their clients.  Watch out for dentists under 30!

Claire in the stein holding contest for Oktoberfest.

Any time a healthcare provider recommends significant work (or a major procedure), it makes sense to get a second opinion.

Rose Stauffer, childhood friend of Karl Bruns-Kyler who has written a young adult novel.

As I speak with clients from all over the country, it’s amazing to me how many go overseas to have their dental work completed. It’s usually a fraction of the cost and you get to see a new place.

Remember to do your due diligence, but it’s definitely something to consider.

Karl and his friend Paul who is a long-term care insurance specialist.

Here are a couple of dental plans we’ve added for review:

None of them are perfect, (and I do have others) but sometimes they can be helpful.

Karl's brother Dr. Rob Kyler picking pumpkins in upstate New York in Amish country.

My big brother Robert and his wife Nancy sent this picture from upstate New York, searching out pumpkins in Amish country. Robert continues to practice medicine, travel, mentor Medical students, play pickleball and stay well engaged with life. He is my role model for living a life of service and living well.

But if you want to know what really makes him happy⬇️ …

Rob Kyler holding his new grandchild Nell.

Of course I’m being redundant, but I cannot overstate the importance of human connections. People, that’s why we are here. The more we connect, the happier we will be and the healthier we will be.

Social connections are related to longevity in humans.

Bayne and his wife Tami got the message and connected with 45,000 Braves fan. He texted me this picture in the bottom of the 8th inning after the Braves pulled it out, how fun was that!

Bayne and Tami at an Atlanta Braves baseball game.

Don’t worry, I found a way to celebrate remotely and show my solidarity! Next time you have a great experience, text a friend and share it! Better yet, send it to me and I’ll share it with a thousand of my closest friends!

Karl Bruns-Kyler celebrating the start of Medicare's AEP.

If you are curious about my amazing wife, Quantz, here she is below.

Quantz Bruns-Kyler and Nicholas together.

See this lad below? His name is Zach Demesa and I coached him in soccer when he was a much younger lad. On Saturday, 10/21/23, he’ll be dotting the Ohio “I” for the Ohio State Marching Band when they play Penn State. Look for him at half time. It is the ULTIMATE Buckeye honor (apologies to Michigan and all the other Big 10 Teams).

Zach Demesa of the Ohio State Marching Band.

Remember, there is no them… there is only us!

Keep squeezing the juice out of life!

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– Robert B

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