What’s The Difference Between A Medicare Insurance Broker And An Agent?

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What’s the most important thing for you as a consumer to know when shopping their Medicare options?

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What’s the difference between a Medicare insurance broker and an agent …?

As an independent Medicare Insurance broker, I work with the lion’s share of Medicare Insurance plans.  Working with multiple carriers means I can be neutral and  provide side by comparisons that give you real choice.

A Medicare Insurance Agent is typically captive, representing only the plans of a single carrier. Of course they will want to do their best for consumers, but if you are tied to a single company, it’s hard to be independent.

Essentially, the difference between a Medicare insurance broker and an agent is choice.

Now you can also visit Medicare.gov and look at your options. Just remember, sometimes, when you call in, you may get an excellent representative who super helpful or a someone who isn’t at the top of their game. The reason to work with a Medicare insurance broker near me is… we’ll form a relationship and work together year after year after year. Try calling Medicare back to speak with the person who advised you. It might be challenging :).

The Annual Election Period has begun and my friend Bob illustrates how many of us feel during this time of harassment.

When reviewing  options with an existing client or a new client, I take great pleasure in reviewing the plans side by side, including the plan Star Ratings. This way, we can see how other consumers in your county fared with a particular plan. So now you know the difference and why Medicare consumers continue to work with me year after year.

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