Will You Be Remembered?

May this note find you well despite the floods, the fires and COVID.

I’m getting a lot of calls from Medicare Clients asking if they need to change their coverage.

Most people won’t need to change their coverage, but many will!

Here are the some of the reasons you might need to review your Medicare Coverage in October:

1. Your drugs have changed or gotten expensive.
2. Your doctors have changed or they have stopped taking your current plan.
3. The premiums on your current Medicare Insurance plan seem really expensive.
4. You receive the annual notice of changes in your plan and your copays have gone up.
5. You are getting bombarded by call centers and you want peace of mind 😊.

The good news is the Annual Election Period is still over a month away so let me know if you have question or book a time on my calendar here.

But in the meantime…

Recording the story of your life can make a huge difference in the lives of your children and grandchildren.

Some my most precious memories are the stories my mother shared…

Living through World War II as child in Amsterdam.
Walking past Anne Frank’s house on the way to school.
Coming to the US on the Queen Mary as a teenager.

Now I’m doing my best to record those stories for my kids.

Here’s an article on how you can do the same.

That’s it for this week and please reach out if you need me.