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Having an Advance Medical Directive!

Articles & Reading – A surprise visit to the hospital is incredibly stressful! What could make it worse? Not getting the care you want! Remember… without an advance medical directive…you are a hostage to the hospital.

Here’s a great website that’ll help you set up yours… and it’s free :).


Are you Isolated?

Articles & Reading – We spend so much time looking forward to retirement and then…it arrives. I have hundreds of  clients who are busier and happier than ever before. I also have clients who regret retiring and struggle for meaning.

This is fantastic article on how social isolation can affect you.


For a Better Marriage, Act Like a Single Person

Thanks to Robert K, a long time client who sent this article my way. It is so easy to get to stop doing new things as a couple and just to become creatures of habit. Surprise your spouse or your friends and try something new. Adventure makes the blood flow and doesn’t have to be expensive!

Cultivate the skills of successful singlehood.


Don’t Stop Taking Your Aspirin!

Many of us have been advised to take a baby aspirin daily I’ve been taking one for years, but I confess that sometimes I get out of the habit (like when the bottle empties and I forget to buy a new one). Well if you take aspirin daily, you better not stop, unless your Doctor tells you. Doing so could increase your risk of a heart attack.

Can stopping aspirin suddenly increase the risk for heart attacks?