Customer Reviews of The Big 65

Don’t just take my word it, I’ve been doing this work for more than 20 years. Listen to what my customers say.

I knew we were overpaying for coverage but I didn’t realize by how much. Karl found a highly rated plan that saved my wife and I over $850 dollars annually. He did a great job!

John J, Medicare Shopper

My father and mother were on a company retirement health plan that was eating them alive. It was costing them over six hundred dollars a month, and it had lots of copays. Because my parents were on a fixed income, we had to something. After he did his research, Karl found a plan with no monthly premium and it had almost the same benefits! Even though they had serious health issues, he was able to get them approved because he understood the rules and regulations.

Cam S., Medicare Shopper

I was trying to decide whether to stay on my insurance through work or to go on Medicare. Karl took the time to show me the pros and the cons of both and he didn’t pressure me. Once I knew what I wanted, he made sure everything was set up correctly before we pulled the trigger. There were no surprises and no stress.

Dan & Nancy L, Medicare Shopper

When another agent came to the house, he tried to sell me a plan for over $180 dollars a month that was out of my budget, and the guy tried to sign up right away. I called Karl and he showed me several alternative options that I didn’t even know about. I ended up picking a Plan G that saves me $42 a month!

Robert Y, Medicare Shopper

My husband was coming off disability and we needed to get him on Medicare. Karl found a plan that didn’t compete with his VA benefits, so that we were able to use both. When I turned 65, he helped me find coverage too. We are happy campers!

Kay E, Medicare Shopper

When we started thinking about moving back to Ohio from Florida, we didn’t know much about the plans back home. Karl stayed in touch with us for over the months and let us know about the different options. When we were finally ready to move, he made sure everything was set up correctly. He it made a very complicated move a little easier.

Ray H, Medicare Shopper

When it was time to get enrolled in Medicare, Karl really made the process simple. He answered all my questions and gave me the forms to I needed and advised me on the easiest way to submit them. Then he showed me all my plan options and helped me with a plan.

Ann L, Columbus, OH

When I became eligible for Medicare, I was bombarded by hundreds of offers to go with other agents even my (at that time) current sales person but there was something about how you presented yourself that made me respond to you. I do want you to know that I have told others about your ability to make this journey somewhat clearer and easier. The computer access is a great tool too.

Linda L, Medicare Shopper

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