Beware of Medicare Scams!

Beware of Medicare Scams – I hope this vlog finds you well despite the madness of the times.

This week, I received calls from three different Medicare Insurance clients who were very confused.

Each of these clients had received calls from someone claiming to be their Medicare Agent and asking for their personal information.

Do not fall victim to these scams. Medicare Insurance companies will not call you and request your personal information.

Beware of Medicare Scams – Beware of any call asking for your personal information or telling you that you need to change your Medicare Insurance Plan.  Many of these callers are trying to steal your personal information.

If someone calls you claiming to be Medicare Agent, hang up and call the number on the back of your insurance card.

Here’s an article that may be helpful.

And if you have questions about Medicare Insurance, schedule a meeting here and I’ll be happy to help.