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Emotional Resilience

To quote my neighbor, “gettin’ old ain’t for Sissies!” It’s true, what happens to us is much less important than how we choose to respond. Here are the notes from a workshop on resiliency. Let me know if they are helpful

Don’t Let Pride Get In Your Way, Get Your Hearing Tested!

Let’s get down to it:  untreated hearing loss and untreated vision loss will cause a person to be less engaged, less connected, less alive, less content.  One of our frequent themes here at the Big 65: If you are not growing, you are dying! A few years ago, after much nagging from my family, I […]

Does Your Mind Wander?

Ok, ok, for somebody who claims we shouldn’t spend our time chasing happiness, I spend quite a bit of time learning about happiness.  As a Certified Senior Advisor, I have a mission:  help people with their Medicare Coverage and give them information that can improve the quality of their lives. This article, A Wandering Mind is […]