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Would you retire overseas?

I hope this note finds you well and staying safe despite the madness. As a Medicare Insurance broker, I speak with retirees every day doing their best to make their retirement go farther. Find out how Chase to took his retirement overseas to reduce his costs and improve the quality of his life. Living abroad […]

It’s time to stop being negative!

Happy New Year, finally! I’d love report that the everything in 2021 is better but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Not yet anyway. The good news, Spring is coming so hold on. Even better news, what happens out there is less important than what happens between our ears. Click on the picture below […]

How to give to your favorite charity for free!

Greetings Neighbor, I hope you are having a great week despite the crazy times. Is your mail box filling up with pleas for donations? Ours sure is and sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a real charity or not. Here’s a simple way to donate to charity and it doesn’t have to cost you […]

Watch out for Medicare scams!

Greetings Neighbor, I hope you are having a great week despite COVID and the crazy election. In talking with clients all over, half the country is disheartened, the other half the country is joyful…exactly like four years ago, except reversed. The bottom line… One Nation, under God…let’s remember that. Did you ever see the Paul […]

You Get What you pay for!

I hope this note finds you in great health and good spirit because of these crazy times. Imagine the great stories we’ll someday be able to tell our grandchildren. Oh wait, most of already have grandchildren so scratch that idea 😊. Instead, imagine how thankful we’ll be when we finally get through this.  We all […]

There is no them, there is only us!

I hope this note finds you in great health and excellent spirit, despite the madness of the times. This joke I heard sums it up this year: A guy walks into a bar in New Orleans and says, “Give me two Hurricanes and a Corona.” The bartender responds, “That’ll be $20.20!” Many of you know […]

Take Care of Yourself During COVID!

My wife Q and I are into our third week of exploring the great Northwest, taking hikes, wearing masks, staying at Airbnb’s and doing as we/she pleases. After a career of 70 hour work weeks, it was definitely time for Quantz to take a break and we are loving it. Here’s the funny thing, as […]

How to catch a buzz!

I hope you’re having a great week, despite the heat, the pandemic and the storms. My in laws’ brand new rider mower was totaled by the surge from Hurricane Isaias and their insurer refused to cover it, said they should have brought it inside. Aren’t you glad Medicare doesn’t work like that? “I’m sorry your […]

Get outside and feel better

As we age into Medicare, it’s important to get outside and feel better. As our son prepares for the Air Force, we’re doing our best to spend time together before he begins his service. Especially in these times of COVID, one of the healthiest things we can do is to get outside and spend time […]

The secret to survival may be self care and a news fast!

Covid-19 is a game changer. It is particularly hard on Seniors and those with compromised immune systems or comorbid health conditions. Things will probably get worse,but you don’t have to get worse. The answer is self care. Get plenty of sleep, eat well and exercise. Take a few minutes each day to give thanks for […]