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The Big 65 Asks_Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure

Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs? Hello friends … I hope this finds you in good health with your Medicare Coverage working properly. Plato wants you to know he is excited for the cooler weather, Halloween, and all the candy he can scrounge. Meanwhile, the rest of us are worried sick about Hurricane […]

Exercise And Dementia

No one can guarantee how to prevent dementia. And though I often chat with Medicare brokers near me, one of the most challenging things we face is working with clients who have dementia. The good news is a recent article in the New York Times points to the positive connection between exercise and dementia. People […]

Alzheimer’s & Influenza

Most of us are pretty comfortable receiving the flu vaccine. It saves lives and it’s been around forever. Here’s even better news:  An annual flu vaccine may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study recently published in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, individuals who were vaccinated yearly over an extended period had up to […]

Slow Down Cognitive Decline

Greetings from Mexico. Quantz and I are visiting the magical villages of Mexico. Today I want to talk about the importance of brain care and how to slow down cognitive decline. A recent article in the New York Times gave some great suggestions on ways to keep the brain healthy. Play games. Read more novels. […]

This Changes Everything

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients regularly and hear the stories of loved ones dying. We all are going to die; everyone we know will eventually die as well.  End of life planning can help. How we frame this experience can make a huge difference. One of the best pieces of advice […]

Don’t Pay Your Medicare Bills Until You Are Sure They Are Right!

Recently, one of my Medicare clients received a $50,000 bill for a hospital stay. I hate to say it but… It’s not that unusual for medical billing to be incorrect. When a client in Ohio received the $50k hospital bill, I had to jump in. After a couple of calls and a long time on […]

Coffee Ain’t Bad

May this note find you in good health with your Medicare Insurance working properly. It’s rare to hear good news about things we do actually being good for you but… A recent New York Times article describes the benefits that coffee can provide, possibly reducing your risk of sudden death by almost 30 percent if […]

Get A Second Opinion On Elective Surgery

May this note find you in good health and with your Medicare Insurance working properly. This week I was chatting with a client who was planning to have serious surgery and I encouraged him to watch this video. I wanted him to take some time understanding all of his options because another client had suffered […]

The Answer Is Out There!

  May this post find you in good health with your Medicare coverage working properly. This week, I read an article in the New York Times and it resonated: “People get a big happiness boost from being with a romantic partner or friends but not from other people, like colleagues, children or acquaintances. Weather plays […]

You Can’t Pick Your Family!

May this note find you in good health with your Medicare insurance working properly. An important part of aging well includes maintaining healthy relationships. Studies have shown that individuals with close connections to their community and their families to tend to be healthier and happier. So look for ways to stay connected and if you […]