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How to Avoid Medicare Marketing Scams!

I hope you are having a great week.. Spring has finally sprung and I’m hearing from clients all over who are happy to be outside because… They are sick and tired of all the Medicare Ads! TV ads, telemarketers, and spamming email. Unless your medications have changed, your doctors have changed, you have a friend […]

Do you need Extra Help with Medicare?

I hope this note finds you well and your Medicare coverage doing what it is supposed to be doing… Keeping down your Medical Costs! Every week, I speak with Medicare consumers and we discover they are leaving Medicare Money on the table! Click on the picture above to find out if you are eligible for […]

How to Delay Dementia

As I chat with Medicare clients all over the country, there is one resounding fear I hear again and again… The fear of developing Dementia or Alzheimer’ Disease It is a valid concern and some of us will suffer from it, no matter what we do. The good news is there are things every one […]

Are you overmedicating?

For people on Medicare, taking the time to review their medications with their pharmacist and their physician could have a hugely positive impact on their health. One of my clients was so shocked at the comatose state of her mother that she removed her from her nursing home and had her  own physician perform a […]

Don’t let COVID put your family in a lurch! Get your affairs in order now!

I hope you are having a great week despite the madness of the times. As your Certified Senior Advisor, the last 12 months have taught me one thing… You never know what happens next! This year, I’ve had more healthy Medicare Insurance clients die suddenly than at any point in my career. Look, losing a […]

If you’re on Medicare, here’s how to get Covid vaccinated quickly!

Now that Covid VACCINATIONS are finally rolling out, it’s imperative that Medicare consumers be proactive about getting vaccinated. As a Certified Senior Advisor, my job is to make certain you have access to the resources that are important to you. So if  getting vaccinated is important to you, click on the picture below to learn […]

Watch out for Medicare scams!

Greetings Neighbor, I hope you are having a great week despite COVID and the crazy election. In talking with clients all over, half the country is disheartened, the other half the country is joyful…exactly like four years ago, except reversed. The bottom line… One Nation, under God…let’s remember that. Did you ever see the Paul […]

Do you know the difference between a Medicare Insurance Broker and a Captive Agent?

I hope your week is going well despite these crazy times. It’s beginning to feel like fall here. Can  you believe we’re already having snow in the mountains? Hopefully it’ll put out some of the fires. Not knowing the difference between a Broker and an Captive Agent during this Annual Election Period can cause consumers […]

Who needs a flu shot?

Greetings Neighbor. I hope this note finds you in great health and excellent spirits despite the crazy times. Elections, COVID, and crazy weather, believe me, everyone is ready for 2020 to finish 😊. We’ve been getting a ton of questions about the new flu, and from what I am reading, this year’s strain could be […]

What do you know about COVID-19 and Social Security?

Greetings Neighbor! I hope you are having a great week despite the crazy times. We’re having beautiful fall weather here except for the ashes from the fires on the patio every morning. Like you, I can’t wait for 2020 to end. In the meantime, I keep doing my best to help people with their Medicare […]