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Get A Second Opinion!

Hello Medicare Shopper, I hope this note finds you well. Just like they said in the Paul Newman movie Blaze… “Never trust a man who says ‘trust me!’” The same goes for healthcare. You already know that most healthcare practitioners are decent, honest, well meaning professionals, committed to maintaining and improving your health. But that […]

Hearing Loss Ruins Everything!

Greetings! Hearing Loss Ruins Everything – As a Medicare As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients every week about Medicare Insurance options, the topic of self-care, and how retirees best manage the aging process. Want to know the biggest mistake I see? How hard it is for some people to deal with hearing […]

Is It Time For The Doctor To Deprescribe Your Medication?

I hope this note finds you well. As an Independent Medicare Insurance Broker, with no ties to Medicare, I often chat with people on Medicare and learn about their medications. It’s unusual for me to speak with Medicare consumers who aren’t taking any medications. That’s why I was super excited to read about this initiative […]

Beware of Medicare Scams!

Beware of Medicare Scams – I hope this vlog finds you well despite the madness of the times. This week, I received calls from three different Medicare Insurance clients who were very confused. Each of these clients had received calls from someone claiming to be their Medicare Agent and asking for their personal information. Do […]

Life Lessons from Jim & Hughey

I hope this note finds you well despite the madness of the times. You know how eagerly I’ve been looking forward to spring. I’m a total wussy when it comes to cloudy weather, that’s why we left Ohio. We miss all our amazing Buckeye friends, but not the weather 😊. So when snowed it all […]

How to avoid loss AFTER an auto accident!

I hope this note finds you well, despite the madness of the times. The snow may never stop here in Colorado and Ohio, but I’m hearing from clients in Virginia, the Carolinas, Texas and Florida that spring is a comin’ 😊. So if you’ve got nice weather, send it our way. This week, my neighbor […]

How to Avoid Medicare Marketing Scams!

I hope you are having a great week.. Spring has finally sprung and I’m hearing from clients all over who are happy to be outside because… They are sick and tired of all the Medicare Ads! TV ads, telemarketers, and spamming email. Unless your medications have changed, your doctors have changed, you have a friend […]

Do you need Extra Help with Medicare?

I hope this note finds you well and your Medicare coverage doing what it is supposed to be doing… Keeping down your Medical Costs! Every week, I speak with Medicare consumers and we discover they are leaving Medicare Money on the table! Click on the picture above to find out if you are eligible for […]

How to Delay Dementia

As I chat with Medicare clients all over the country, there is one resounding fear I hear again and again… The fear of developing Dementia or Alzheimer’ Disease It is a valid concern and some of us will suffer from it, no matter what we do. The good news is there are things every one […]

Are you overmedicating?

For people on Medicare, taking the time to review their medications with their pharmacist and their physician could have a hugely positive impact on their health. One of my clients was so shocked at the comatose state of her mother that she removed her from her nursing home and had her  own physician perform a […]