Do I have to sign up for Medicare Part B when I turn 65?

As a Medicare Insurance Broker working with clients all over the country, it shocks when clients tell me that when they turned 65, even though they had great Medical coverage at work, they signed up for Medicare anyway!

“Why did you do that?” I ask. “Because I had to” they say.

Listen up: Just because you are turning 65 doesn’t mean EVERYONE has to sign up for Part A and Part B.

Check out this video and you may save yourself some money and some frustration.

Here’s the Medicare fact sheet on Deciding Whether to Enroll in Part A and Part B when you turn 65.

Remember every person’s situation is different. For some, enrolling in Medicare at 65 is a no brainer. For others it may be a huge waste of money.

If you are not sure which way to go, email your questions to or just book a time on my calendar and we can chat.

Let me know how we can help!

Karl Bruns-Kyler is a licensed sales agent with no affiliation to Medicare, CMS or any governmental organization.

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