It’s time for a gut check to reduce the risk of getting COVID

Hey Neighbor,

I hope you’re having a great week, despite COVID. I spoke with three different clients who all came down with COVID so count yourself lucky!

It is too easy to take good health for granted. Click on the picture below to learn about one of the least talked about but easiest ways you can improve your immune system and reduce the risk of getting COVID.

Our bodies possess  a remarkable ability to heal. If we leverage the proper tools, we really can turbo charge our immune systems and stay healthier .

  • East diverse foods: veggies, legumes and fruit.
  • Get out in nature. Weeding in the backyard will make you healthier.
  • Eat fermented foods and a little apple cider vinegar.
  • Avoid too much sugar and artificial sweeteners

The bottom line, small steps can have a huge impact on our microbiome and help our bodies heal. Be sure to check out this article.

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