Let’s Talk About Your Medicare Prescription Drugs

Hi, this is Karl with TheBig 65 Medicare Insurance Services and I hope you are having a great week.

I’m here with Plato in Garden of the Gods and today I want to talk about Prescription drugs.

If there’s one question again and again that I receive, it’s:

Why do my drugs cost more sometimes on the Part D prescription drug plan?

The answer is, you have to use vigilance.

Sometimes, your prescription drugs will be less if you ask the pharmacist the cash price.

So before you fill any prescription, follow these steps.

1. Ask your physician and your pharmacist if there is a generic alternative.

2. Make sure you are using a preferred pharmacy that is aligned with your prescription drug plan.

3. Before you fill the prescription, ask your pharmacist the cash price and then look it up on GoodRx.

Taking these steps every time you get an expensive drug will help reduce expensive surprises.

If you have any questions about your prescription drug plan, call the carrier but if you are not happy with the information you receive, book a time on my calendar.





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