Perspective is everything

I hope this Medicare newsletter finds you well, wherever you are and whatever your situation.

One year since the pandemic began, can you believe it?

Talking with Medicare clients all over the country, it’s been a challenging  year for so many:

Illnesses, lost finances, isolation from family and friends…the list goes on.

What’s amazing to me has been watching some of my clients hardest hit by the pandemic actually thriving and find new meaning in their lives.

Victor Frankel, the concentration camp survivor, psychotherapist and author summed it up best:

“Ultimately, man is not subject to the conditions that confront him; rather, these conditions are subject to his decision. Wittingly or unwittingly, he decides whether he will face up or give in, whether or not he will let himself be determined by the conditions.”

My wife says I’m a broken record, but I’ll say it again anyway:

It’s NOT what happens to us but HOW we choose to respond to life’s trials, that makes all the difference!

Many of you know that my older brother severed his spinal cord several years ago in a biking accident but he did not let this traumatic event define him.  Robert continues to practice medicine, to learn new things and to inspire everyone in his life. He continues to be my role model for dealing with adversity.

Check out this article on dealing with adversity.

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Stay safe, look for ways to help others and be well!