Get A Second Opinion On Elective Surgery

May this note find you in good health and with your Medicare Insurance working properly.

This week I was chatting with a client who was planning to have serious surgery and I encouraged him to watch this video.

I wanted him to take some time understanding all of his options because another client had suffered by making a surgical decision much too quickly.

Let’s be honest.

Every one of has cognitive bias and the same is true of physicians as well.  So get a second opinion before elective surgery.

Of course they normally have our best interests at heart, but if surgery is recommended…

You better have a second opinion.

Now if it’s an emergency surgery…

  • An appendicitis
  • A blood clot
  • A life threatening accident

Don’t hesitate.

Go to the doctor immediately and get it done.

But if it’s an elective surgery, then time is on your side.  Go ahead and get a second opinion.

Don’t feel pressured because of a physician in an authoritative position.

You owe it to yourself and your family to do your due diligence PRIOR to be opened up 🙂

In fact, Medicare encourages consumers to seek out a second opinion.  And getting a second opinion before elective surgery just makes sense.

Just make sure the second opinion provider accepts Medicare and your specific plan.

Here’s what Medicare has to say about it.

Many elective surgeries were put on hold because of COVID but it appears as if many hospitals and surgical centers have caught up.

The bottom line make sure to keep up with your preventive health checks no matter what.

And, if you do have questions about your Medicare insurance, book a time on my calendar!

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