Always Give Thanks! Sulpayki, Pacha Mama

I hope this note finds you well, despite the madness of the times.

Today’s vlog comes to you from the Andes in Peru. My wife and I fulfilled a dream…

to visit Machu Picchu!

When we jumped off the train to begin or 17 kilometer hike along the Inca Trail, our guide asked if would like to make an offering.

Why not, said we. He explained that the Incas would place three perfect coca leaves on altar and say “Sulpayki, Pacha Mama,” Thank you, Mother Earth.

Through out history, countless societies have recognized the importance of gratitude and thankfulness.

Studies have shown that gratitude can improve our health and general well being.

Here’s an article that talks about it.

So as you go about your week, look for ways to give thanks for what is working in your life.

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