I’ve Got Some Bad News…

I’ve got some bad news…

“We’re all gonna die! ☹!”

Now before you get upset, here’s the good news…

If you are reading this, you are still alive 😊!

And for that, give thanks!

As your Medicare Insurance Broker, I see too many people lose sight of this fact.

If you clicked on the video, you learned how thinking about death can improve your life!

I spoke with a young friend whose mother had been diagnosed with and died of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer kills quickly.

Can you imagine how distraught this must have made him and his family?

Nicholas’ response to his mother’s diagnoses changed everything.

“When they told me she had this cancer, in my mind, I decided she was already dead. That made every second I had with her thereafter a gift from heaven.”

Miraculously, his mother lived another 24 months.

Did his mother die well?

Nicholas did not sugarcoat anything.

“It was hard, she died in the hospital, but she died surrounded by the people she loved most, my father, my sister and I, and those last two years gave her more love than she ever could have imagined. Those last two years were a gift.”

We are all going to die.

But using this knowledge to reframe every waking moment can bring deep joy and new energy to all pleasure and the challenges in our lives.

Life is all about perspective. The onus is upon to remember and reframe, to get our minds off ourselves and to find ways to help others.

That’s it for this week.

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