How To Age Well

“Getting old ain’t for sissies,” that’s what my neighbor used to say.

The good news is there are many small things we can do daily to slow down the aging process.

Keep moving. Seven thousand steps or about 30 minutes of daily exercise seems to essential to staying healthy and aging well. A little bit of exercise daily goes a long way, we don’t need to go crazy working out.

Engage with others. Saying hello to others we encounter during daily errands or reconnecting with friends and family can provide a huge boost to our mental health and help us to enjoy life and to live longer.

Use your brain. Read books, listen to podcasts, do puzzles, try out a new recipe for jalapeno cornbread. Changing your routine and doing new things will improve your cognitive functioning and it could slow down the aging process.

Here’s an article with ideas on how to slow down the aging process.

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