How to catch a buzz!

I hope you’re having a great week, despite the heat, the pandemic and the storms.

My in laws’ brand new rider mower was totaled by the surge from Hurricane Isaias and their insurer refused to cover it, said they should have brought it inside. Aren’t you glad Medicare doesn’t work like that?

“I’m sorry your husband died Mrs. Jones but we’re not paying for the hospitalization. He should have done something to prevent his death.”
Good grief!

Today I want remind you of the importance of enjoying life. Here’s how:

That’s right, get out in the yard and garden (early or late if it’s warm).

Studies have shown being outside lowers blood pressure plus light activity still counts as exercise and we know exercise keeps us above the lawn.

And being above the lawn beats the heck out of being six feet under.

Here’s an article to prove it.

So please feel free to grow me some peaches and when my hives produce, I’ll send you some honey.

Let me know your questions about Medicare options and let’s talk soon!