How To Change The Future

I hope this note finds you well despite the madness of the times.

My wife and I just finished a climb in the Andes, to the high vista of Rainbow Mountain, over 17,000 feet.

It was one of the toughest climbs we’ve ever done and we weren’t sure if we would make it to the top…

but we did it :).

Part of the reason we made it is the story we told ourselves:

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Thirty steps, then rest. Thirty steps, then rest and take a drink.

Remind ourselves that “gettin’ old ain’t for sissies.” Then thirty more steps and repeat.

Creating a future that we want to live begins today by rewriting the script, changing the storyline and adapting.

And also laughing as much as possible, at ourselves and the world.

Studies have shown people who reframe getting old as an “adventure” actually live longer, 7.6 years to be exact.. Here’s the article.

Cognitive psychologists often describe our late forties and early fifties as one of the most challenging times for people to find happiness.

But when we arrive to our 60s, our 70s and our 80s, these should be the happiest times of our lives.

It begins by living well now. Taking care of our health, helping others, doing interesting things and rewriting the story of how we see the world, aging and life.

Remember, if we focus on the past, our thoughts will be filled with regret.

If we focus on the future, we’ll be living in fear.

All we can do is live in the present and do our best.

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Rewriting the script is up to you!