Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs?

Can You Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs?

Hello friends … I hope this finds you in good health with your Medicare Coverage working properly.

Plato the dog ready for Halloween with The Big 65

Plato wants you to know he is excited for the cooler weather, Halloween, and all the candy he can scrounge.

South Carolina house flooding

Meanwhile, the rest of us are worried sick about Hurricane Ian and all our friends and family down south. Amazingly, my in-law’s place in the Low Country of South Carolina, despite this picture, is still above the floodwaters.

Can you lower your blood pressure without drugs? 

According to a recent article, daily deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises, 30 breaths per day over six weeks, could significantly reduce systolic blood pressure levels, possibly to the same extent as a blood pressure medication.

Now don’t stop taking your medications, but do read this article and definitely talk to your doctor. When my car stopped working today, I practiced what I preached.

The Annual Election Period begins today, October 1st. You can’t make any changes until October 15th, but if you are concerned about your coverage…

Do book a time on my calendar.

If you are happy with your current coverage, and your Annual Notice of Changes looks good, you don’t need to call me. Just be sure to ignore all the noise from Captain Kirk and the rest.

Quantz and Nicholas_The Big 65

Well Quantz left me, again… this time for London, to see our Air Force son Nicholas.

He was supposed to be coming home in October but the Air Force has other plans for him.

They say he’s about to be deployed from Britain to somewhere in Asia. Please keep him in your prayers (along with all our soldiers and those devastated by the Hurricane.)

Meanwhile …

Steve and Jo on a long trip_The Big 65

After 8,387 miles, please welcome home Steve and Jo from their amazing adventure to Alaska.

While crossing back into the US at the border and stopping for an agricultural inspection, our brave couple had an issue with the lock on the motorhome.

Steve and Jo and the RV 1_The Big 65

Steve, being the engineer that he is, had Jo step on the tire…

Steve and Jo and the RV_The Big 65 blog

Then a little support…

Steve and Jo and the RV_Success_The Big 65

And then a final push ! This is proof that true love endures.

I’m so impressed with these two adventurers.

A box of chocolates to anyone out there with a better story (and a picture).

Marley the Dog

Susan, in Florida (she’s okay), sent this picture of her Buckeye loving baby named Marley.

Marley asks everyone to keep their paws crossed that the Buckeye’s prevail over Rutgers today.

That’s it for this week.

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