Beware Of Online Danger!

Greetings from the Big 65 Medicare Insurance Services.

As I chat with Medicare Insurance Clients all over the country, here’s one of the biggest mistakes I see people make…

Not protecting their online data!

Taking steps like installing a virtual private network, updating encryption and regularly changing passwords will help prevent bad hombres from stealing your data and exposing you to harm.

Here’s a link to some helpful ideas.

And if you have questions about Medicare Insurance, please book a time on my calendar.

Are you ready for the Medicare Zombie Invasion?

I hope you are having a great week despite the crazy times.

Now hold on, I was kidding about the Medicare Zombies, but only slightly.

I have been getting calls and emails from Medicare clients all over who tell me they are being hounded online, over the phone, on TV and by email about all the amazing things coming out from Medicare.

Just remember, if something sounds too amazing, then it probably isn’t true. So beware of the marketing ploys you are being bombarded with. If something does sound interesting to you, write it down, book a time on my calendar and we’ll find out together if it’s true. We can
start reviewing the new Medicare plans after October 1st, but we can’t make any changes until October 15th and we have until December 7th.

So in the meantime, don’t let the Medicare zombies scare you into believing you are missing out.

When you are ready, we will review all the Medicare plans in your area and pick what serves you best.

In the meantime, click on the picture below and check out the real tarantula invasion.

On a whim, Quantz and drove south to La Junta Colorado and watched the annual tarantula migration. It was fascinating to Fort Bent, another national monument from where we built the west. It was a great excuse to take one more small trip before the Medicare Annual Election Period begins in October.

During AEP,  the Medicare Annual Election Period, that’s when I’m working my hardest to make certain everyone is up to date on their coverage. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, if something about your coverage is making you unhappy, this is the time to contact me and get things right. If you are happy and everything is fine, you don’t need to book a time. But if you aren’t happy, that’s why I’m here.


How to make things better

This week, I spoke with two different Medicare clients who were really having a hard time with isolation.

Check out this simple thing you can do to make life better::

It’s all about helping others and not being afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Figure out one thing you can do to make someone else happy:

Leave a bottle of wine on a neighbor’s door.

Reach out to a long lost friend (go through old pics and send them one of you two together).

Volunteer virtually.

Adopt a pet.

Here’s an article with ideas on how to get through these times of uncertainty.

Remember, when we help others, we are helping ourselves.

Stay safe and call me if you have Medicare Questions.

Don’t Pay Your Medicare Hospital and Doctor Bills Until You Are Certain They Are Correct!

Some studies suggest that up to 80 percent of the medical billing from hospitals and doctors contains errors. 80%? That’s completely unacceptable.

Before you pay your next medical bill, check out this video:

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I receive calls and emails from Medicare clients who think they’ve been billed incorrectly.

The first step is always to get a copy of your Explanation of Benefits, an EOB. Once you have the EOB, review it for errors and if you are not sure, call the Medical office to make sure the bill you received is in line with the services you received.

If not, ask them to correct it and to resend the bill.

Before paying any medical bill, be sure to also review the amounts with your insurer to make sure you are not over paying.

Here is a helpful article from Consumer Reports

Remember, diligence is the key, and as they used to say, “you can take that to the bank.”

How to save money on your Medicare medications and how to stop them from killing you

Every week as I onboard new Medicare clients, I speak with at least one person who taking is a medication that they have NO IDEA why they are taking.

Wanna hear the scary part? Sometimes when they ask their doctor, they’ll discover they’ve been taking a med for years that was only needed for a few weeks!

Check out these tips on reviewing your meds and reducing the cost of your drugs. It might save your life and your wallet.

Review your medications quarterly. Make sure you know why you are taking each of your medications. If you don’t, ask your doctor and your pharmacist. Also, be sure to shop your medications and check GoodRX.

Here’s a great article on how to manage your medications.

The gist of the article:

“If you are taking more than five prescription medications on a regular basis, is vitally important to schedule three or four periodic visits with your physician per year to review and update the medication list and give your physician a chance to reevaluate your general health status with your medications in mind,” says Dr. Lawren Hicks, MD, medical director for Senior Services at John Muir Health.

So be sure to review your medications quarterly. Make sure you know why you are taking each of your medications. If you don’t, ask your doctor and your pharmacist. Also, be sure to shop your medications by asking for the cash price and looking up your prescriptions on GoodRX. It is a pain but it is important.

And remember, if you have questions about Medicare or how to enroll, send an email to or book a time on my calendar.
Talk soon.

Stay Strong in the Time of Quarantine

No doubt, COVID-19 has shifted our lives but there
is still much to give thanks for!

I have seen more children outside, unstructured fun,
laughing and playing, than I can remember and it does
my heart good!

I also now have many Medicare clients who have been
infected by the Corona Viruses and some of them are
now hospitalized.

We will get through this if we keep fighting the
good fight!

Be Vigilant and maintain physical distance.

Practice Safe Shopping or get someone else
to shop on your behalf.

Stay connected on line and laugh as much as possible.