Hospital Observation Status Could Kill You…Financially!

Understanding the difference between hospital observation and hospital admittance under Medicare is essential if you don’t want to get ripped off by this loophole.

Avoiding Medicare mistakes is essential.

Understand the difference between “observation” and “admittance.”

When you go in the hospital and you are given observation status,
it means the doctors aren’t really sure how sick you are. If it
turns out you are quite ill and later need skilled nursing care
or rehabilitation services, Medicare might not pay for it if you
haven’t been admitted. In that case, you could be out of pocket
for a lot of money.

When you arrive in the hospital, do not sign papers blindly. Ask
to be admitted and if you are not sure, demand to see a Hospital
Patient Advocate before you sign any papers that will limit
your ability to appeal.

This is complicated but important so be ready when a surprise
Medicare Hospitalization occurs.

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