Should you take your blood pressure pills at night?

Should you take your blood pressure pills at night?

I’m not a doctor, I don’t even play one on TV, but as a Medicare Insurance Broker, blood pressure meds are among the most common medications I see prescribed.  They’ve been around forever; they seem to be relatively safe and they must be keeping people alive.

I take a baby aspirin in the morning because my doctor said it is a simple strategy for reducing heart attack, stroke, prostate issues and it may even possibly reduce dementia risks. We are lucky to have access all of these miracle medications.

When I read an article like this, it surprises me that I hadn’t heard about how this sooner and how this small change might really be helpful.

According to Harvard Medical School, in one study, patients who took their blood pressure medication at night instead of in the morning had better blood pressure control and were less likely than their peers to die of a heart attack.

The article goes on to say each person needs to check with their doctor BEFORE making any changes to their regimen.  Their doctor may have a specific reason why they encouraged.

That being said, talk to doctor and your pharmacist.  Small changes can have huge consequences.

Be Well!

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