How To Stop Medicare Robocalls!

I hope you are having a great week and some beautiful fall weather.

The Annual Election Period is in full swing and the robocalls are obscene.

Nothing is more annoying than unsolicited calls and as I reconnect with clients all over to review their coverage for 2022, I’m hearing it’s worse than ever.

Ignoring the calls only goes so far. Read this comprehensive list of steps you can take to reduce Robocalls do from the Federal Trade Commissionsteps you can take to reduce Robocalls do from the Federal Trade Commission.

It’s not a perfect list, but it has reduced the calls we receive considerably.

Remember to keep ignoring the Medicare noise and keep working with an individual, hopefully me 😊.

I received a call from a client’s daughter. Her mother let a call center enroll her in a new plan without really thinking it through.

Because of underwriting and her health situation, we can’t switch her back to her original coverage.

There is nothing wrong with switching plans, as long as we due our due diligence.

There seem to be more moving parts than ever so…take your time and be deliberate.

Most plans roll over automatically, but if you have questions, book a time here.