Attention Medicare Consumers!

As a Medicare Insurance Consumer, beware of big promises from Captain Kirk, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, JJ and all the others.

Big corporate call centers often promise the moon but once you sign up, you’ll rarely if ever talk to the same person again, you’ll be handed off to the dreaded “customer retention center.”

As the joke goes, when a customer calls in to these places to find out why things aren’t working:

Before you were a prospect, now you are customer!

With the Big 65 Medicare Insurance, you have a single point of contact, Karl Bruns-Kyler.

As broker working with all the different Medicare Insurance Plans, we don’t switch clients unless there is a reason.

And if you have a problem with the carrier and they won’t fix it, I’m here help, and we will make things right.

So if you want an agent who will be with you for life, book a time on my calendar here.