The Secret to Happiness!

I hope you are having great a week despite these crazy times.

I’m not much of a believer in gurus but today, I am going to give you the secret to happiness 😊,

Check out the video!

Yes, the answer is animals! Studies have shown that furry household companions lower blood pressure and increases oxytocin.

Look you don’t have get a pet if you are truly not a fan of animals (the hair, the noise, the expense), but understand the underlying value:

Having an animal provides companionship and takes the focus off of self. By the time we are of Medicare age, many of the activities and routines that provided meaning and companionship may have gone away. A life of service gives joy, makes us happy and provides meaning.

So you don’t have to get a pet but having sure gives you a reason to get up and to thrive. Plan B is service to family, friends, community and the world. Feel free to pick, but do engage in one or all and you will be happier.

That’s a promise.

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