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It’s time to protect your house

I hope you are having a great week despite this crazy year and Happy Halloween! Thank goodness we’ve had six inches of snow and that has helped to slow down the fires. Sadly, many people here have lost homes and bad things are happening in the south because of the hurricanes. If you want to […]

Are you taking too many drugs?

Hey Neighbor, I hope you are having a great week. It’s been quiet here in our house. My wife Q is back east visiting her parents in South Carolina, and even though I’m super busy, I miss her company. That’s what happens after 30 years of marriage, right? If you’ve seen the 500 Medicare commercials […]

Take Care of Yourself During COVID!

My wife Q and I are into our third week of exploring the great Northwest, taking hikes, wearing masks, staying at Airbnb’s and doing as we/she pleases. After a career of 70 hour work weeks, it was definitely time for Quantz to take a break and we are loving it. Here’s the funny thing, as […]

How will you respond on the worst day of your life?

A wise person once said, “it’s not what happens but how we respond that determines our lives.” True words. Check out this video and you’ll see how my brother responded to the worst day in his life, when he became a paraplegic. Despite the trauma, Robert has a new lease on life and has chosen […]

How to Avoid Medicare Identity Theft

Do you know how to avoid Medicare Identity Theft? This week I heard from a couple of different Medicare clients who tell me their identities were ALMOST stolen. As Clint Eastwood used to say, “Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya??” If you check out this video, you will be lucky. Simple steps to protect […]

How much will part B cost me each month?

Before deciding to begin Medicare, assuming you have options, it’s very important to know the costs associated with enrolling Part B and any additional coverage you may need. Here’s a link to the Social Security website that shows Medicare Premiums: Rules for Higher Income Beneficiaries If you are not sure which way to go, email […]

Do I really need a Medicare Part D Drug Plan?

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, this is a question I get all the time: Do I really need a Medicare Part D drug plan? The answer is, “you bet your sweet bippie.” Check out this video that identifies why. Part D Medicare Insurance is designed to protect Medicare recipients against catastrophic drug costs. Just because […]

What is a Medicare Supplement?

Clients tell me all the time how frustrated they get when people try to sell them plans before they even understand all the Medicare options. Don’t worry 😊. Our mission is to educate! Once you understand the big picture, then you can call us. In the previous video, we looked at Advantage Plans, today you’ll […]

The Secret to Happiness!

I hope you are having great a week despite these crazy times. I’m not much of a believer in gurus but today, I am going to give you the secret to happiness 😊, Check out the video! Yes, the answer is animals! Studies have shown that furry household companions lower blood pressure and increases oxytocin. […]

This too shall pass!

May is National Mental Health Month and worldwide, depression is one of the leading causes of health issues. As the COVID Quarantine continues to reshape my Medicare clients’ lives and lives all and around the world, it’s important to remember the importance of self care, both mental and physical, during these challenges times. Equally, important, […]