Changes in Drug Coverage

Changes in Medicare Drug Plans

I hope your Medicare coverage is working correctly.  Today, I want to discuss changes in Medicare drug coverage.

After a recent trip to the Kroger pharmacy, the pharmacist alerted one of my clients they are no longer accepting Goodrx discount cards.

It’s important to due your due diligence before filling any prescription.

Check with your pharmacist and your doctor about generic alternatives.  Generic drugs, on average, cost about 85% less than brand name drugs.  Generic drugs are required by the FDA to share the same quality as brand name drugs.  But, there can be subtle differences so always speak with your doctor before making any changes to your prescription drugs.

Additional things savvy shoppers can do to to reduce the cost of prescriptions:   Do research on discount cards and always ask the cash price.  Your pharmacist is there to help you.

Congress recently passed sweeping changes to Medicare drug coverage.

We are still waiting to see how things will sort out but hopefully there will be cost savings for Medicare recipients in the coming years.  However, all of us are concerned about the rising costs of drug prices.

Here’s an article with some of the proposed changes.

Drug affordability will continue to be an issue.  Time will tell if things get better, but…

If you do have questions related to your prescription plan or Medicare options, feel free to book a time on my calendar here.

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