Don’t let COVID put your family in a lurch! Get your affairs in order now!

I hope you are having a great week despite the madness of the times.

As your Certified Senior Advisor, the last 12 months have taught me one thing…

You never know what happens next!

This year, I’ve had more healthy Medicare Insurance clients die suddenly than at any point in my career.

Look, losing a family member is horrible enough, but if you die or are hospitalized without the right paperwork, you’ll be leaving your family in a tragic situation that will make things even worse on every level imaginable!

A Living Will means your wishes, your choices for how to receive care will be respected.

Medical Power of Attorney means the people you love and trust will be able to make the medical decisions you want if you’re incapacitated, instead of a doctor or an institution making them for you.

An Up to Date Will means your assets won’t get locked up in probate if you set things up correctly.

Now remember I am not a lawyer. I don’t even play one on TV 😊.

So if you have complex assets and financial planning needs, you may want to speak with an attorney.

But for many folks, each of links I’ve provided will give a FREE/inexpensive way to get your family protected.

Getting your financial papers in order may be the most important thing you do this year.

If you have questions about Medicare insurance options, please Click here to Schedule a Meeting with Karl

Stay Strong in the Time of Quarantine

No doubt, COVID-19 has shifted our lives but there
is still much to give thanks for!

I have seen more children outside, unstructured fun,
laughing and playing, than I can remember and it does
my heart good!

I also now have many Medicare clients who have been
infected by the Corona Viruses and some of them are
now hospitalized.

We will get through this if we keep fighting the
good fight!

Be Vigilant and maintain physical distance.

Practice Safe Shopping or get someone else
to shop on your behalf.

Stay connected on line and laugh as much as possible.

It’s time to shop smart!

This week’s video might seem mundane,
but PLEASE WATCH, it could save your life!

People over 60 and people on Medicare
face the greatest risk from COVID-19.
Why take any chance of exposure to the

Use a shopping service (Safeway, Kroger,
Walmart) so they deliver the groceries
to your car.

Watch Dr. Wingen’s video on how to safely
transfer the groceries into your home.

Did you know the virus can live on paper
and plastic? (I didn’t.) I am following
his directions now, believe me.

If you and your spouse are home now
shut in together for the first time and
things are getting tough, remember to
set up your prepaid legal now… just

Laugh, run around the house and
remember all the reasons you got
together to begin with.

Life is all about perspective.

Hang in there friends, we’ll get through
it and be stronger for the ride.

I’m here if you need me!

The secret to survival may be self care and a news fast!

Covid-19 is a game changer. It is particularly
hard on Seniors and those with compromised
immune systems or comorbid health conditions.

Things will probably get worse,but you don’t
have to get worse.

The answer is self care. Get plenty of sleep,
eat well and exercise.

Take a few minutes each day to give thanks for
the things you do have, family, a home, food,
water, plus decent health insurance, at least
you do if you work with me you have great
Medicare coverage :).

Pray, meditate or do both. Most important, go
on a news fast. Really! If you live and breathe
only the constant Covid-19 news cycle, it’s
going to eat your sole.

I took a two day news break last weekend and
my wife told me I was a much happier person.
It certainly reduced my stress.

Check the news twice a day, briefly, but do not
let it eat you alive. You and your family will
be happier, I promise.

How to survive at home during social distancing

Even though I’ve worked from home for years
with Medicare clients, this has been a strange

Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation.

Watch this video to learn some of my tips.

This is the biggest shift we’ve had since 9/11
and you know it hasn’t been easy.

I’ve had to change my patterns and shake up the
way I work and live, but that’s been a good thing.

Here are some of things we can do to stay healthy
and connected during the Corona Virus Epidemic.

Call friends and family.

Use Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp to connect.

Take a free online class to keep your mind active,
here’s the link

Work in the yard.

Play a board game

Cook something new that you’ve never tried.

Ding Dong Ditch your neighbor…just kidding about that one 😉

The important things to remember: we are so much luckier than so many.

We have our homes, water, proper roads, electricity and food.

We do not live in a war zone and no one is shooting at us.

Perspective is so important during times of crises.

So reach out to those you love and if you have questions about Medicare
coverage, COVID-19 or anything related to healthcare, or your just need
to chat, check in with us at The Big 65. We promise to help.

Here’s what you need to know about Medicare and COVID-19

There’s quite a bit of false information swirling about the Corona Virus, and here’s the good news: There are no out of pocket cost for Medicare COVID-19 Lab Tests.

Check out the video for details.

Here’s the Bad News:

“Older People may be twice as like likely
to have a serious COVID 19-Illness.”

Here are the precautions you need to take:

• Avoid contact w/ people who are sick.
• Wash your hands (really wash them).
• Avoid high touch surfaces.
• Avoid poorly ventilated areas and crowds.
• Don’t touch your face .
• Defer all cruises and non-essential travel.
• Stock up on groceries and over the counter
medical supplies and groceries.

Here’s the good news:

Most people will be able to recover at home. Here’s
the Medicare information you need.

• There are no out of pocket costs for Medicare
COVID-19 Lab tests.
• Medicare covers all “Medically necessary
hospitalizations,” including a COVID-19
diagnosis, and post treatment hospital
• There is NO VACCINE yet. If one is created,
• Medicare covers “virtual check-ins,” so
you may be able to connect virtually.

Be sure to call your insurance carrier for details
but here is the link for the Medicare information
on COVID-19:

Book a time on my calendar below if you have questions.