Here’s Another Way To Prevent Illness!

One of the biggest problems with original Medicare is…

It does NOT include preventive dental coverage.

This oversight leaves many individuals ignoring  an important component of wellness.

Regular dental cleanings and check-ups may reduce the risk of developing endocarditis or exacerbating other cardiovascular conditions.

Studies from the University of Illinois postulate links between…

  • Periodontal plaque and Alzheimer’s
  • Gum Disease and pre-Diabetes
  • Periodontal disease and Obesity


The good news:

Simple steps recommended in this article can reduce these risks:

  • Twice daily two minute brushing with a soft bristled brush
  • Flossing Daily
  • Mouthwash after flossing and brushing
  • Avoiding tobacco
  • Regular Dental checkups and cleanings


Because Medicare does not cover preventive dental care, consumers must explore alternative options:

  • Check if your plan includes dental benefits built in or if there is an option to add dental benefits.
  • Review stand alone dental insurance plans with your independent Medicare Insurance Broker.
  • If you already have a dentist, ask their billing person what are the most popular insurance plan they see their clients using.
  • Consider dental tourism. Yours truly gets a dental work done overseas, whenever possible, at a fraction of the price. Do your homework before selecting a dentist.


Maintaining proper oral hygiene is an important component of overall wellness, so if you need help in reviewing your dental options, book a time on my calendar here.


Watch Out For Medicare Dyn-o-mite!

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, clients call me daily asking about all the “free Medicare benefits” they keep seeing on TV.

Jimmie Walker as JJ on the TV Show “Good Times.”

Joe Namath the quarterback.

Would you call them to review your Medicare?

Of course not!

They’re actors pitching HUGE BENEFITS…

Benefits that, in reality, are usually available only to consumers BELOW THE POVERTY LINE.

But they want you to think…

Everyone is getting Flex cards, everyone is getting benefits, what am I missing?

The reality? Unless a couple earns LESS than $24,000, most people won’t be for eligible high dollar benefits you hear about on these ads.

Now it is important to review your coverage.

But don’t do it with a call center!

Why not?

Because these corporations only get paid if they switch you.

Do you think that makes them impartial? Impossible!

They have ZERO INCENTIVE to tell you your current plan is appropriate.

If you call in, the deck is stacked against you!

Plus, once they bait and switch you, you will never talk to them again…

You’ll be transferred to the corporate retention center.

Try developing a relationship with a corporate retention center!

Let’s be clear, it is important to review your coverage regularly but…

You need to find an INDEPENDENT MEDICARE INSURANCE BROKER, someone you can work with year after year, someone who works with all the plans.

Look up your Broker’s report card on your State’s Department of Insurance website.

Look up your Broker’s google reviews.

Schedule an appointment. See if you connect.

The bottom line… find a helpful agent you connect with and talk to year after year.

Someone who is looking out for you!

It’s good to have questions, and it is important to review your coverage but…

Watch out for Dyn-O-Mite.

And if you need help from an individual, not a corporation…

Book a time on my calendar here!

How to Avoid Medicare Marketing Scams!

I hope you are having a great week..

Spring has finally sprung and I’m hearing from clients all over who are happy to be outside because…

They are sick and tired of all the Medicare Ads!

TV ads, telemarketers, and spamming email.

Unless your medications have changed, your doctors have changed, you have a friend with a great benefit or you are moving…

IGNORE all the advertising because it’s designed to scare you into connecting with a call center that has only one mission:

Make you switch plans whether it’s appropriate or not.

The best way to make sure your coverage is up to date is to have an independent Medicare Insurance Broker, like me 😊!

Any time you have questions, we can review your coverage and get your questions answered.

And it’s easy, just  schedule a meeting on my calendar and we will review your options, even if things are fine.

And remember, I’m here if you need me.