Beware Of Online Danger!

Greetings from the Big 65 Medicare Insurance Services.

As I chat with Medicare Insurance Clients all over the country, here’s one of the biggest mistakes I see people make…

Not protecting their online data!

Taking steps like installing a virtual private network, updating encryption and regularly changing passwords will help prevent bad hombres from stealing your data and exposing you to harm.

Here’s a link to some helpful ideas.

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One Key To Longevity

As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I have the privilege of working with retirees all over the US.

Some are thriving; some are struggling. One thing that everyone wants? Good health.

One of the simplest things we can do to improve our health is stay physically active.

Small steps over a long period of time can have a hugely positive impact on our health.

Walking, balance exercising or even light housework counts as physical exercise.

So look for simple achievable options you can perform daily to stay in motion and to feel better.

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Service Makes Us Smile!

May this note find you well and giving thanks in these times of uncertainty.

The Medicare Annual Election Period has ended and things are finally calming down.

It’s nice to have some down time and to prepare for the new year.

While with my brother at an outdoor Christmas Market a few days ago, we heard an old friend complain about how annoying the Christmas Season has become.

“I can’t believe how early they start playing carols, right after Halloween! It’s awful. And the commercialization? It’s so depressing. What’s the point of even celebrating anymore?”

Life is about perspective.

Now the person who made these comments is actually a fairly remarkable, kind and giving person.

But her frustration was coming from where she was putting her focus.

No doubt the holidays are more commercialized than ever. The commercials are certainly louder.

But focusing on the things that are wrong instead of the things that are right is a habit that began time out of mind.

It was necessary when we walked the savannahs staying away from predators, but less important in the suburbs.

So, if you find yourself in a state of frustration or grief at the way things are, be it with your family, your life or the holidays, try this…

Do something nice for someone else.

Volunteering, good deeds and kindness are the salves that heal us and everyone who is touched by them.

Cook dinner for a friend.

Volunteer at a shelter.

Help a shut in with errands.

Forgive an acquaintance who did you wrong and start fresh.

Little gifts over a long period of time will improve your health and your happiness.

Here’s an article with the science on why giving is good for you.

Let me know how it works for you.

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How To Stay Forever Young

Greetings Medicare Seeker and I hope you’re having a great week.

Studies have shown that if we listen to the music of our youth, it’ll actually make us healthier by:

Lowing our blood pressure.

Improving our mood.

Strengthen learning and memory.

Help us recovery more quickly from surgery and strokes.

Music has many other benefits as well.

I promise you’ll be glad you did. Here’s an article that shows how music can help.

In the meantime, the Annual Election Period begins in October so if:

You are unhappy with your coverage…

Your medications or your doctors have changed…

You are being bombarded by Medicare ads and you want to get the facts…

Give me a call or book a time here.

And, as Bob Dylan said, “may you stay forever young :)!”

Beware Of Medical Scams!

As I speak with Medicare Insurance Clients around the country and read about breakthrough medical technologies, it amazes me how rapidly medical technology has progressed.

Medical breakthroughs have improved the quality and the length of our lives.

But not all medical break throughs have been validated.

Stem Cells may one day provide remarkable regenerative therapies but to date, THEY HAVE NOT BEEN VERIFIED by peer reviewed independent third party studies.

Before you invest thousands of dollars in unproven medical processes, do your research.

Here’s a great article on Stem Cell Therapy.

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And if you get a chance, definitely visit Iceland!

How To Prevent Accidents

Of course we can’t prevent all accidents, but many are preventable.

If you’re angry, upset, or stressed out, be extra careful before driving.

One of my Medicare Insurance clients had just worked out at the gym and was racing out the door. She slipped and broke her patella!

Now she’ll be immobilized in bed for a month.

We live in a time where our attention is one of the most limited resources. That means it is even more important to be deliberate about where you put your attention.

Before driving, and turning on the ignition, take a second to breathe deep. Turn off your phone notifications, focus on staying alive.

Here’s an article to talk about those most common problems.

Put on some music, enjoy the ride. Life is short, let’s not make it any shorter :-).

That’s it for this week, and if you have questions about Medicare Insurance plans, book a time on my calendar,

Sunscreen vs Screentime

Sunscreen vs Screentime – As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients all over the country.

Some are living well and others are struggling.

Of course that’s normal.

We can’t control everything, but…

Little changes can pay huge dividends.

One of the simplest ways to improve our health and our happiness is…

Get outside!

Sunscreen vs Screentime – Even a few minutes of time in the sun, pulling weeds, walking about or jumping in the rec center pool can improve our mood and make us feel better.

It’s all about small steps and staying active.

Here’s a link to an article.

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And just like mom said, get out of the house now! 🙂

Beware of Medicare Scams!

Beware of Medicare Scams – I hope this vlog finds you well despite the madness of the times.

This week, I received calls from three different Medicare Insurance clients who were very confused.

Each of these clients had received calls from someone claiming to be their Medicare Agent and asking for their personal information.

Do not fall victim to these scams. Medicare Insurance companies will not call you and request your personal information.

Beware of Medicare Scams – Beware of any call asking for your personal information or telling you that you need to change your Medicare Insurance Plan.  Many of these callers are trying to steal your personal information.

If someone calls you claiming to be Medicare Agent, hang up and call the number on the back of your insurance card.

Here’s an article that may be helpful.

And if you have questions about Medicare Insurance, schedule a meeting here and I’ll be happy to help.