“The Only Impossible Journey Is The One You Never Begin.”

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

Tony Robbins

I hope you are having a great week and looking for new adventures.

For more almost thirty years my wife worked insane hours: ten to thirteen hours a day, six days a week.

She was relentless and we didn’t see much of her.

When COVID hit and she was forced to work from home…

Quantz realized that it was time for a change.

She quit her job and said to me:

“Karl if we don’t start travelling, I’m going back to work.”

It was scary, but she didn’t have to ask twice.  I began to realize that we could start our own journey and that it wasn’t impossible.

Although I had always worked from home as a Medicare Insurance Broker, I jumped at the opportunity, retooled my business processes and we hit the road.

I figured out how to work virtually, from almost anywhere in the world, and it actually made me more productive.

And more profitable.

It also strengthened our relationship.

If we only listen to the world, instead of to our hearts…

Life can be filled with sadness.

We might end up like this well-groomed poodle…

With a beautiful life but empty inside.

Every one of us has a different vision for life, but Serena Dyer said it best:

Don’t die with your music still in you!

There is no single path.

The onus is upon each of us to discover what will bring us joy and meaning:


I challenge each of you to think about it.  And remember – the only impossible journey is the one you never begin!

Here’s an article with food for thought.

Do not confuse or compare another person’s highlight reel with your daily life.

But do use it as fuel to ask yourself the question:

What’s next in this very brief adventure called life?

Let me hear your stories.

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