This Changes Everything


As a Medicare Insurance Broker, I speak with clients regularly and hear the stories of loved ones dying.

We all are going to die; everyone we know will eventually die as well.

How we frame this experience can make a huge difference.

One of the best pieces of advice I received was from a client whose mother was dying of pancreatic cancer.

When Nicholas heard his mother’s diagnosis, he told me he imagined in his mind that his mother was already dead.

As a result, every moment he spent with his mother was an unexpected gift, extra time that he felt extremely grateful to have had.

Life is about what happens, but more importantly, it’s also about how we choose to respond to what happens.

Some events are more challenging to process than others, but if we keep an open heart and open mind, as the Beatles sang, “take a sad song and make it better.”

Here’s an article on how to prepare for your own death so your family isn’t left scrambling.

And if you do have questions about Medicare Insurance or Hospice, book a time on my calendar.